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Nintendo UK Gets Help from Boy Band The Vamps to Advertise Tomodachi Life

Posted by Alex Olney

Vamping up the gameplay

Indie pop group The Vamps have teamed up with Nintendo in order to promote the less-than-usual life simulator Tomodachi Life for 3DS.

The campaign will show the band's exploits with the game and shows off the wacky experiences that can be had on your island. Nintendo aims to appeal to a younger female audience with this move, as it will be uploading additional content to its Nintendo Girls Club YouTube channel for fans of both mediums to enjoy, some of which is already available.

You'll be able to download the four fresh-faced young chaps on to your 3DS by scanning the QR codes that can be found along with a wealth of additional information here.

Are you excited to see the band together with Nintendo? Let us know in the usual place.


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SethNintendo said:

So tempted to say something about their pic... I'll hold myself back. Maybe this will help some little girls buy the game.



Jason723 said:

This is worse than Nintendo of America getting Disney Channel stars to advertise Tomodachi Life.



unrandomsam said:

They would be better getting ISIS to help advertise it.

(I think if there is a hell then boy bands will be in a worse part of it than terrorists.)



ekreig said:

At least one of them is holding an instrument. That's more than I can say for most boy bands.



ryando said:

Grown men making music to appeal to prepubescent girls. It doesn't get any more real than that.



lividd3ad said:

Are Nintendo seeing actual results from forcing boybands to awkwardly play their games (see: One Direction playing Pokémon Black/White, Union J playing Pokémon X/Y)? These ad campaigns are terrible.



MrMario02 said:

What's with nintendo and boybands?
2011: Big Time Rush promotes MK7
2012: One direction promotes Pokemon Black 2 and White 2
2013: Union J promotes Pokemon X and Y
2014: The Vamps promote Tomodachi life



YouGotOwend said:

Any advertising is good advertising for Nintendo, so I'm behind this, even if I don't necessarily like the band. Tomodachi Life is selling pretty well anyway, so giving an extra push to it can't be a bad thing.



Emendo12 said:

Just got all the wallpapers on the website because there aren't any on the US site that I could find. Lol. I don't know who these guys are but they're Miis are in my wallpapers!



World said:

@unrandomsam I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure no one has DIED because of some goofy boy band that no one will even remember in five years, regardless of their goofy Nintendo ads. Pretty sure. Almost positive.



doctor_doak said:

No. No... absolutely not.

Who at Nintendo thought this was a good idea? These kids are vapid airheads with horrible haircuts and even worse music...They have nothing whatsoever to offer.

I'd be utterly horrified if my (future) daughter dated something like that...Someone pass the sickbag please, ughh..

Where's the quality control Nintendo?? Isn't 'Luigi's Mansion 2, Fire Emblem, ALBW, etc..' ITSELF enough of a selling point for tween-age girls??



MagicEmperor said:

Never heard of 'em, but then again I'm a yank.

Tomodachi Life was fun for a glorious brief time... and now it's merely a repetitive slog full of jokes run into the ground and something I just don't play anymore. Still, the brief fun I had was indeed fun. [/opinion]



World said:

@doctor_doak Sure their music isn't great, but I don't know. I'm a girl and I'm pretty sure I want to copy that "denim shirt/pompadour" look.

And I want to say "yeah, sure it's all selling points." But having BEEN a tween at one point, it's just not. For some kids, there needs to be that safe approval so you can like it and not have your friends think you're a weirdo.

@k8sMum No one who plays video games should feel that old, right?!



Haywired said:

I like how there's someone working at Nintendo UK for whom this is like their one idea for everything...

To the best of my knowledge the games that they've advertised with boybands have all sold at worse; less than, at best; around the same as series standards so it doesn't really seem all that worth it. I always kind of think it potentially alienates more customers than it may attract (ie. boys tend to consider boybands to be "girly" and therefore the game becomes "girly" in their eyes, for right or wrong) and that they should just let the games speak for themselves.



lamco said:

Boy bands make me cringe so much. :/ (for the record, i'm pretty sure there's a japanese band with the same name...)



emzhenn said:

@TheVampsband are actually pretty good-but that depends on your music taste. Don,t push the game aside because they're advertising it. The Vamps are awesome and aren't a 'boyband' like One Direction and Union J, they're more like Mcfly with the fact they play instruments etc... Also, their hair? Why moan about their hair? The photo used is an older one, when they did all their youtube covers and that and their hair has got better. So don't slag off The Vamps or Tomodaci Life.

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