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Capcom's Latest Monster Hunter Figurine is Pure Gold

Posted by Alex Olney


To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Monster Hunter, Capcom has decided to celebrate with the release of a delightful little figure of a felyne – a cat-like race from the series.

This little number would be eye-catching enough, bearing armour made from the mighty rathalos, but Capcom is marking this special occasion by making the entire model (bar the stand) out of solid gold – 24 karat to be precise.

Collectors will surely be vying for this 3.5" tall miniature, but should you be one of those interested, be prepared to extend your mortgage.

With a price tag of ¥2,990,000 (which equates to roughly £17,300 or $29,200) you'll have to have very deep pockets indeed to afford this trinket.

Would you consider selling a kidney to buy ones of these? Alternatively, would you like to see the model in a more affordable material?


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ogo79 said:

24 k is very soft gold however. 120 grams for this price is steep...



0utburst said:

LOL who would buy this? They'll have better chance selling megaman with a golden armor.



Jazzer94 said:

If this was a golden statue of Brachydios X armor yes this not so much.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@technotaylor98 I can totally take that off of your hands, I'm picking up this pure gold Nyan Cat: Monster Killer 25th anniversary statue thingy tomorrow but I can swing round on Wednesday



FritzFrapp said:

For 17 grand I'd be expecting the armour to be made out of real Rathalos hide; it'd be no more fantastical than this price. The figurine is quite nice, but that stand looks like it's come free with a box of corn flakes.




Amazingly they will sell this to some rich kid whose parents have more money than brains ,and then the kid will break it and they will buy him another lol!



Drawdler said:

This belongs here or something (slight profanity).

Looks cool, but (IMO) a painted figure with some wash for detail would have looked better anyway, and it's... Way... Too... Expensive... x_x



Shambo said:

A more affordable material replicate would be... pretty friggin' welcome!



Hy8ogen said:

Pure Gold? Pfft. Thats so 1800s. I would consider buying it if it was decorated with Taaffeite and Diamonds.

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