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Toyota Brings Pokécars to Tokyo Toy Show

Posted by Tim Latshaw

They're shinies, but only if you keep them waxed

Pokémon vehicles aren't that new of a thing. Odds are likely you've seen images of a Pikachu Beetle zipping about the Internet. However, Toyota has upped the ante at this year's Tokyo Toy Show by throwing out not only a Pikachu car, but one modeled after Fire-type starter Fennekin as well.

Both Pokécars are from Toyota's Toyopet model, which was first made from the late '40s to mid-'50s. The originals were based heavily off the look of Volkswagen's Beetle, but the line has returned with a more modern design. Still primed for plastering cuter species of Pokémon onto, though!

We've set up a gallery of photos here, but you can see more info at Japan Trends. Also thanks to the fine folks over at Tiny Cartridge who know that any time is the right time to evoke Billy Ocean.

What model of Pokécar would you want to cruise the routes with? Let us know below.


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Pokefanmum82 said:

They look amazing. Definitely want one of those even though people here would think I was crazy.



TeeJay said:

Only in Japan.

Also when I read the subtitle, my reaction was "...God dammit, Nintendolife."

The wordplay on this site is unbearable sometimes.



eaglebob345 said:

I want one!! Nintendo better sell these on their online store in America when it opens, or I will be highly perturbed.



Crimzonlogic said:

I'd love to drive an arcanine car...Let's call it a Carcanine.
How about a Sawstruck?
A Baltoyota?
A Vespaquen?



Naoiko said:

Those are so cool! Honestly I wouldn't wanna have one because people might try and steal a car that awesome. Would be nice to see them in person though at least once.



m0i said:

@Nintendo_Ninja The Fennecar evolves when it has 15.000 km and for the Pikacar you have to drive into an electricity cabin.
@eviLaTtenDant Does that mean the fennecar loses speed in rain and the Pikacar doesn't drive as fast on ground terrain?



BakaKnight said:

First time I see the charm in owning a big garage to fill with cars... Gotta drive them all ^O^



sillygostly said:

I would love these, but I know that I could never own one without it being constantly vandalised or stolen altogether. =(



Dew said:

@sillygostly Yeah, I wish people weren't so objective and judgemental of other peoples choices .
In other means I would get a Luxray one!!



13RavenFRS said:

I've seen the VW beetle that they had with the Pikachu tail and ears and such and it looks way cooler than the Toyota here.

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