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EarthBound 20th Anniversary Figures Seeing Release in Japan

Posted by Tim Latshaw

The third coolest set of figures you can buy

While the Famicom RPG Mother is celebrating its 25th anniversary (a fact is honoring throughout the month), its Super Famicom/SNES sibling Mother 2, known as EarthBound in the West, is turning the big 2-0 this year in Japan as well.

To commemorate two decades of EarthBound, toy company Takara Tomy is releasing a set of small PVC figures featuring the game's main and iconic characters. Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo, and Mr. Saturn all appear in their classic artwork poses, reportedly ranging in size from 50 mm (just less than 2") to 65 mm (just over 2.5").

The figures are expected to hit capsule machines in Japan this October. Some import sites, however, are offering the full set of five for pre-order, no luck necessary.

Thinking of picking up these figures this autumn? Know of any other sweet EarthBound memorabilia out there? Let us know in the comments.


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MixMasterMudkip said:

Another Mother product everyone outside of Japan will beg and complain for and never get? I'm all in!



shaneoh said:

Can always grab it from the import site they've listed.

They ship to Australia too...well I am getting 2 weeks pay soon as a sort of bonus, think I might just grab a couple of things from there (SAMUS!)



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Ah lovely ~ time to riot with the internet about how earthbound isn't pushed enough in the states and still beg for a mother 3 eshop miracle, it's that time of the year guys



NoirUsernameHere said:

@shaneoh I realize that, but I dunno how much money these things will be when they come out. That's the problem.

Edit: Good enough price I guess. Will def be picking these up.



MegaBeedrill said:

How about finally give us mother 3 after 20 years of waiting.. without language mods required.

Nope.. give figurines away instead.. IN JAPAN ONLY! (not that I really need them anyway but still..)

Nintendo y u hait teh west?



Megumi said:

Eh, I want some of the enemies. Like the Coffee cup, also Carbon Dog, because he's awesome. (until he turns into Diamond and diamondizes my whole team. T.T)



Psyclone said:

I'm sure that's not all they will announce for Mothers 20th anniversary in the coming days....



BSFsontails1012 said:

See stuff like this really increases my chances of buying Earthbound on the eshop.
BTW: What if Paula became playable in smash for this reason or poo? (karate guy)



KeeperBvK said:

@WarioMan You do know that one facepalms when something stupid is being done, right? You don't facepalm when there's just something you don't like.
And I fail to see how adecision to release Earthbound figurines only in Japan where the market for such is much bigger than in any other country would be a stupid decision. It's just a sad one.
So, nothing to facepalm here.

@Stomatopod17 You've been waiting 20 years for a game that had been released in 2006?



russellohh said:

Takara Tomy also sells via Amazon Prime. Or, Amazon Prime sells Takara Tomy. However it works, their 2-3" figures are typically $6 from Amazon. For 4-5 figures, that's about what the import places are charging. Here's hoping Amazon gets them too!



NoirUsernameHere said:

@KeeperBvK I LOVE Earthbound. I love it to bits. Extremely. I facepalmed because I thought it was stupid to only release it (the collectible figurines) in Japan, and at the time I thought the price was gonna be high as hell. xP



MegaBeedrill said:


We've been waiting for mother 3 to be made since earthbound's release, and now we're still waiting for it after it was made and released.



asbel said:

I'm so chuffed they are releasing these figures. I've been meaning to get some Earthbound/Mother merch for a while now, though they are either hard to find or ridiculously overpriced.

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