Many of us caught the bus with Shigesato Itoi's quirky RPG series through EarthBound, but well before that came his first game, Mother. Also known as EarthBound Zero, Mother was released July 1989 in Japan and, unfortunately, nowhere else officially since.

Not one to dismiss a reason to celebrate their favourite series, however, the fanatics over at are throwing a big Twitch party to commemorate Mother's 25th anniversary, and everyone's invited!

Beginning 5th July at 9 p.m. EST and looking to last through the month, the Mother 25th Anniversary Fanfest will livestream the game and other assorted tomfoolery on their Twitch channel. Contests and lots of prizes will also be part of the events, and special merchandise will be available through Fangamer.

A later-coming part of the celebration, expected this winter, will be a remix album of tracks from the original Mother, with artists including The OneUps, I Fight Dragons, and Jake "virt" Kaufman.

More information on the Mother 25th Anniversary Fanfest will be made available on its Tumblr page and by following @mother25th on Twitter. Do you plan on dropping by and honoring the first game in a cult classic series?

(Photo by Bryan Ochalla, via flickr)

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