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Video: Nintendo Game Developers 'Sing' About Their Upcoming Wii U Releases

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Splatoon! Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker! Star Fox! More!

So, we admit, that's a cheeky headline, though we trust the 'Sing' and image have tipped you off to what's really going on here. Nintendo has released a rather funny video of its big-name developers singing songs about their current Wii U projects... in Tomodachi Life.

One of this game's most humorous features is the ability to customise the lyrics to a few different songs, something we've been doing in our Days Of Our Tomodachi Lives video series, for example. Nintendo's now jumped in with the Mii characters of various prominent developers singing about titles as diverse as Splatoon, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Yoshi's Woolly World and Star Fox.

This is pretty zany stuff in action, but check it out and let us know what you think.

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TwilightV said:


Preferably an official QR code so he doesn't have to leave my Mii Plaza.



Nicolai said:

Did he just announce that there will be a demo available for Mario Maker?



sinalefa said:

So while they advertise Tomodachi Life, they advertise their upcoming games, or the other way around. That is brilliant.

But it is still missing Aonuma singing about Zelda U.



WanderingPB said:

@Oren that's exactly what i was thinking! I dont really care about this game and yet now im actually interested? Nintendo is trying to get me…"in my own Dojo!"



Tops said:

The songs are really the only gameplay footage of TL that I enjoy watching...but man are they great!



Iggly said:

Oh my god the Splatoon one got me, pretty smart to advertise upcoming games by using a game itself.



World said:

Gah! I still love that first melody! There just needs to be more of it!


Also Miyamoto. Just...that video. Amazing!



justinluey said:

I knew it was going to be a Tomodachi Life video, but I assumed it was going to be a fan creation. I love that Nintendo is doing stuff like this.



KIMG-MG said:

Do you know if its worth buying tomodachi life?i want to buy the game and i wonder if it worth my money

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