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Twitter Hashtag Brings Bunches of Well Wishes for Recovering Satoru Iwata

Posted by Tim Latshaw

He'll never have a potassium deficiency

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has had to take it easy lately after a recent surgery to remove a growth from his bile duct. Twitter users have been taking to the feeds to wish the Nintendo head the best as he recovers but, as this is Twitter, they've been doing so by honoring Iwata's iconic, fruit-based pose.

The #BananasForIwata hashtag got started on Tuesday with Dakko Dakko's Rhrodri Broadbent, creator of Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails leading the way.

Since then, others have added their bananas to the pile. Some are triumphant!

Some are not quite as triumphant but still try just as hard as the others.

Some are vibrant.

And of course we had to phone in our own contribution.

You can see more #BananasForIwata as they ripen on the Twitter tree by clicking here. Please feel free to share your favourite finds and your own shots below.


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sinalefa said:

So that is Rhodri. Thanks for an amazing game and a great initiative.

If Iwata needs bananas for his recovery, I can send him a ton from here.



Mega719 said:

That's nice ,good to see all the support for Iwata's recovery hope he gets well too. Again what's Nintendo without Iwata?



ValiantPixel said:

Nobody feels this much sympathy and respect for the president of any other company. Because this is Nintendo, where the true fans sense corruption from a mile away
It's just so stupid to me, really. Nintendo puts so much loving care into their products, no matter how traditional they may be. It's nice that they changed their image for the better at E3, but that shouldn't have been necessary. Either way, some of the disgusting comments on other websites regarding Iwata's surgery and illness make me SICK. Mindless attraction to Microsoft or Sony is one thing, but disrespect is another.



dadajo said:

Sigh I saw comments on IGN saying they wanted Iwata to die. Even if they were most likely trolling this makes me so mad that people are that insensitive to another person just because they are the rival console. I am so thankful that the Nintendo Life community is so more thoughtful of not just Nintendo but all video games in general.



ogo79 said:

you guys almost look as hot as i do in my nintendo life shirt...almost



Xilef said:

@S-Miyahon Back at E3 2012, during a video after the show, Iwata was holding some bananas after a clip was shown. He held them up, looked at the screen and we were given no explanation at all.



Artwark said:

@Gashole I doubt it since he's the one solely responsible for the new things Nintendo is planning to do. And besides that, who else does Nintendo have besides Iwata? Reggie? No.



unrandomsam said:

If you eat more than about 20 bananas at once then you can end up messing up the sodium/potassium balance.



Damo said:

@unrandomsam Thanks for that random fact, I'm not sure anyone was seriously suggesting that Iwata should consume all of these bananas in order to speed up his recovery, though.

Still, I'll let you off because you have one of my favourite Mega Drive games as your avatar at the moment.

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