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Nintendo of Europe Adds Yoshi Backpack to Club Nintendo Websites

Posted by Martin Watts

Egg-cellent for carrying things around

Another month, another good reason for us to all empty our Club Nintendo Star accounts; Nintendo of Europe has recently updated its Club Nintendo reward service to most include a Yoshi-themed rucksack, as seen above.

Available for 6500 stars and sporting the classic Yoshi egg design, the backpack comes with two adjustable padded shoulder straps, a carry handle and zip-up pockets on either side. Moreover, the zip sliders themselves feature Yoshi and Club Nintendo grips.

Will you be laying down your Club Nintendo Stars for this new Yoshi apparel? Sound off in the comments section below.


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OneBagTravel said:

Haha as a 32 year old cyclist I'd love to rock that on my bike. Not offered in the states though



SmoochyTea said:

I still regret not getting that Luigi's Mansion Diorama on time... I'm not a fan of this item...



daniruy said:

Guys, your puns are amazing. Egg-cellent is making me laughing out loud.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Too expensive for my liking. The backpack i use on a daily basis is more practical so i wouldn#t have used it much and only cared about it for 3500 stars max.



Sean_Aaron said:

I got my lovely plastic Mario playing cards, so I'm a few thousand shy for this. Maybe next year!



dkxcalibur said:

I saved my club nintendo points all year, I guess I'll be spending them before they run out. I was hoping for something new in NA but oh well.



3dcaleb said:

i would love to get one of those. but i live in NA of course. maybe ebay sometime soon.



Anguspuss said:

Thank you, your order has been successfully processed.
and we have one back pack on its way yeahhhhhhhhhhhh



Nintendzoey said:

Americans may be missing out on some good items on Club Nintendo but us Aussies [and Europeans] are missing out on the good games.

This year NA saw the release of Chibi-Robo's Photo Finder, Rune Factory 4 and even Disney Magical World (I really wanted that game too!). We didn't get any of those games over here. I think I would rather have the games over this backpack.

As for the backpack, I already have a few carry bags / cases that have Yoshi on them. Think I will continue to save my stars in case something better comes along.



Jakeman said:

@Nintendzoey - Yes, I feel your pain about the games. The worst thing is that the 3DS is region locked so we can't even import the games anymore.
I think you are right about the backpack too. While it does look good, I think it's just a little too pricey. I already spent most of my stars on the hanafuda cards, diorama, soundtrack, hat and the premium cards.

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