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E3 2014: Fossil Fighters: Frontier Is Stomping Towards Western 3DS Consoles

Posted by Damien McFerran

Dem bones

Nintendo has confirmed that its latest Fossil Fighters outing will see a western release on the 3DS.

Fossil Fighters: Frontier — known in Japan as Fossil Fighters: Infinite Gear in Japan — involves excavating the bones of dinosaur-like creatures known as Vivosaurs and reconstructing them to create an entirely new beast. One of the big new features of Frontier is the ability to drive around the landscape and track down fresh fossils with your handy radar system.

Previous Fossil Fighters games appeared on the Nintendo DS. The original was released in the west in 2009 and Fossil Fighters: Champions came two years later in 2011.

There's no solid release date for Fossil Fighters: Frontier at the time of writing.

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KJ85 said:

It would be worth mentioning that this is the first game in the series to see a release in Europe, and NintendoUK has tweeted that it is a 2015 release btw



Tsurii said:

That looks a bit like Spectrobes to me. Not my kind of game, but it could be pretty interesting.



Link506 said:

Ok...the music could be better. But I love this series. They're always a step or two ahead of pokemon. The original fossil fighters has 3d sprites, now like years later, pokemon has 3d sprites. Fossil fighters predicts pokemon. Clear as that.



Fingeldor said:

Listening to that song first thing this morning was like being 7 again and turning on Saturday morning cartoons.



Tops said:

What a song...he had a lot of words to sing. Are the games good though?



edcomics said:

I played the original Fossil Fighters and enjoyed it quite a bit. The sequel was a bit underwhelming for me, but Frontier looks to have a lot of fresh ideas. I'm looking forward to this.



2Sang said:

Mere sprinkles on the perfection of a cake that is 3ds. Looks like the wii u might have a change to become great, but nothing can compare to the 3ds this gen.



rjejr said:

That's the worst song I ever heard for a video game. I'm pretty sure it was an overdub from youtube, or else the people from SNL who make fake comericals did it.

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