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Video: Check Out This Impressive Recreation of the Intro to Another World

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Rumoured remake coming to Wii U and 3DS, remember

We may not exactly be short of artistic, narrative-driven games with creative environments in this age of the Indies, but in the early '90s games that weren't simple and fun action rarely made a significant impact with mainstream audiences. Another World, with a few select others, achieved that status, enjoying success on systems ranging from the SNES, Amiga, Sega Mega Drive / Genesis and more. It's since seen ports, including one on the Game Boy Advance and a quirky recent project that brought it to the Atari Jaguar.

In recent times Anniversary editions have been doing the rounds on smart devices and PC, which is strongly rumoured to also be on the way to Wii U and 3DS. We may have a chance to revisit the classic soon, then, and its influence can still be seen around the web.

Below we have a short film by Polish director Bartek Hławka, who's produced an impressive recreation of the opening sequence, with a few extra scenes thrown in at the end. It's quite an achievement, so check it out — you can compare it to the original intro that's also posted below.

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Dreadjaws said:

You guys know that's just a fan video, right? You all seem to think it's part of the remake or something.



aaronsullivan said:

I'm really confused by the reactions here. Maybe some don't understand that the top video is not a remake of the game?

The live-action video was disappointing to me. It was a ton of work and I can't disparage those who worked on it, but this is neither a slick new take or an exact recreation. It's just slower and in some ways less impressive. I mean if you compare how clever the original was with its limited technology to how these guys applied the newer technology it just doesn't compare. Even without comparing the context of the creation, the original animations had so much more life and vigor in them for the most part. Even with load times it moved a long at a faster more interesting clip.

The live-action one needs a better edit at the least.

I don't know the circumstances and I congratulate them on a finished project, but it's a shame objectively.

(ninja'd by @dreadjaws)



3dcaleb said:

lame. i didnt like the remake thing very much. i would love it if they just tuned up and maybe gave 3d to the original and just re released it on the 3ds.



Bizzyb said:

This and Flashback were two of my absolute favorite games in the 16 bit era. I remember being COMPLETELY blown away when I first booted up the game and watched the intro. I even called my older brother in the room to rewatch it.....good times.



HSH30 said:

They changed the name to Out of This World in the US, the original name is Another World.

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