Play: Mario Golf: World Tour in the NLife Masters

Step it up

With Mario Golf: World Tour now gracing 3DS and 2DS systems around the world, we decided last week to launch our first NLife Open tournament; hit up that link for the full details. As explained in that article we'll be running two contests a week, the second voted for by you, and a day later than planned here are the results of your voting and the details to hit the tees.

A little surprisingly, those of you taking part so far have been slightly cautious in your selections. Below are the choices that you made.

  • Seaside Course
  • Stroke Play
  • Regular Tees
  • All characters
  • No items
  • No Club Slots
  • Coins enabled
  • Normal wind

Not the boldest of choices, but the community has spoken. We hereby declare the first NLife Masters open — it'll run until Friday 16th May at 3pm UK time / 10am Eastern. Below is the tournament number and instructions on how to find it.

  • Tournament Number — 51-8617-3020-0103
  • To access it go to "Quick Round Mario Golf", "Tournaments, "Private Tournament", "Search by Code" and then enter the tournament code above

So there you have it — the results and winners for both the NLife Open and NLife Masters will be announced on Friday 16th May, along with details of the next tournament. Enjoy!

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