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Play: Mario Golf: World Tour in the NLife Masters

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Step it up

With Mario Golf: World Tour now gracing 3DS and 2DS systems around the world, we decided last week to launch our first NLife Open tournament; hit up that link for the full details. As explained in that article we'll be running two contests a week, the second voted for by you, and a day later than planned here are the results of your voting and the details to hit the tees.

A little surprisingly, those of you taking part so far have been slightly cautious in your selections. Below are the choices that you made.

  • Seaside Course
  • Stroke Play
  • Regular Tees
  • All characters
  • No items
  • No Club Slots
  • Coins enabled
  • Normal wind

Not the boldest of choices, but the community has spoken. We hereby declare the first NLife Masters open — it'll run until Friday 16th May at 3pm UK time / 10am Eastern. Below is the tournament number and instructions on how to find it.

  • Tournament Number — 51-8617-3020-0103
  • To access it go to "Quick Round Mario Golf", "Tournaments, "Private Tournament", "Search by Code" and then enter the tournament code above

So there you have it — the results and winners for both the NLife Open and NLife Masters will be announced on Friday 16th May, along with details of the next tournament. Enjoy!

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Iggly said:

I'd probably join if I already bought game, but I'm not really sure if I'd have enough for Mario Kart 8 if I bought Mario Golf. Good luck to everybody who participates!



Spoony_Tech said:

Got the early lead but it won't last with some of the players here. This course was a bit tougher then the last!



YoshiTails said:

Rain screws my game! Managed -14... nearly got -15 if I'd just putt a mm harder on the last hole. Still, don't think I could challenge top scores, that's pretty much me at full throttle. 10th place for now!



sonic_brawler95 said:

I'm really not that good (still trying to get the hang of things), but I'll totally play when I get home.



Dreamcaster-X said:

This game is alot tougher than the previous Mario Golf titles. Putting in particular seems more difficult because of the camera.



Sherman said:

Since I've only played in online tournaments so far, I haven't unlocked any star/secret character. So, the only way I'm gonna have a chance in any NL tourney is by unlocking or by voting "only mii". In my "get your initial handicap" run managed to score -18. Not bad, but that's only good against only Miis. But sooner on later I'll be up there with all of you, guys =D

By the way, played the World Tournament #1. First place has a -26... how the hell can someone score -26 on 18 holes!!?? That's insane!! And of course, here I missed as a drunk man misses the toilet and scored a -10.



DRL said:

@Sherman — Practice, practice, practice. Plus, having star characters will allow you to reach the green much easier. I scored a -14 on my first try with Yoshi. Second try I went with star Mario and had a -20. I had many more eagles on that run because I could often eliminate a stroke while getting to the green.



Yoshi said:

Maybe next time, you can eliminate the choices we made for next week's poll. So we can't vote for Seaside Course, Stroke Play, things like that next week because we already chose them for this week. It would mix it up a little more. At least think about it!



JaxonH said:

Thanks but no thanks. I feel like I JUST played this exact same tournament 3 days ago in the NLife Open. Like the author said, not the boldest of choices.



Sherman said:

Exactly my thought, @DRL
I need more power than skill now. Scored one eagle, one par and sixteen birdies on my first practice run on the Forest Course. Can't imagine what I could've done with a star character! Which is what I know I need now. I so wan't a Mii tourney though. At least it will be as even as it can gets and thus, rely on skill alone



Dragonxflame323 said:

Just managed a run where I got two Hole in Ones in a row! Some silly mistakes cost me later on, however I still earned a respectable -21. I'm way too proud of that run though, so I'll let that be my score.



Prof_Clayton said:

Got -18, or -17, can't remember. >_>
But I can get like -22 if I have a good game, but I keep getting bogeys. D:



SakuraHaruka said:

OK, I have my copy now, but I have practiced in Mario Golf series, well, I hope to give my best performance in the tournament (and if I can be ready)



Sherman said:

Last day to participate on the Nintendo's World and America tourney. Both Nintendo Life and the Mario ones. And, I want to give it a try on @Spoony_Tech 's tournament as well. It's gonna be a busy day.



Dragonxflame323 said:

I changed my mind and got the competitive bug when I saw how much first place was leading by. I managed to tie their score now so I'm happy.

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