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Nintendo Promotes $99 2DS Target Deal, Available Until 17th May

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Think of the children!

A statistic that probably got little attention when Nintendo was dishing out financial results and sales figures recently was that, between 12th October 2013 and 31st March 2014, 2.2 million 2DS systems were sold in Western territories. The budget 2D-only iteration of the portable, which comes with a slab / tablet design, has always quite clearly been targeted at the youngest Nintendo gamers that are out there.

Though cheaper than 3DS models, it seems suited to a price-point a smidge under $100, simply because a two-figure cost can feel like a great deal to a consumer — considering the fact that all it lacks is auto-stereoscopic 3D, that is a good deal. Nintendo of America, with that in mind and the Summer holidays approaching, has teamed up with its retail BFF — or so it seems — Target to promote the latest promotion on the hardware.

Though not available online, Target stores are selling the systems for $99 until 17th May. The promotion even has its own trailer, below:

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Are you tempted by a $99 2DS, or know anyone that might be? Let us know in the comments, as always.


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SLiM said:

I considered jumping on the sale they had recently with the Pokemon + 2DS bundle at $100, but it was out of stock when I looked at my local Target.



Handy_Man said:

If anyone wants it, good luck on buying one before they sell out in less than a day.



AirElephant said:

Ayup. Every time Target does one of these sales, like they did with a trade-in offer for the iPad a few months back, they're out of stock almost instantly. It makes you believe that it's done to generate foot traffic, but that very few actual units are on hand to ensure Target has to take as little of a loss as possible.



Mega719 said:

Wow i'll recommend this to someone but these would be sold out before they get there



NoirUsernameHere said:

Eh, I already have a 2DS, so I'll pass. For those who are able to get one/got one from this deal though, good for you.



Inkling said:

Here in the UK, $99 converts to about £59 yet we still pay £99. If it was different I would recommend the 2DS but I already do.



sketchturner said:

Since Target is Nintendo's BFF, I'm hoping they'll run the MK8 WiiU bundle for $299 in June or July to promote the free digital download.



rjejr said:

My Target has a ton of these in stock - the price is only good on the stock blue and red ones. And like I posted earlier this is also being advertised on top of the eShop front page on Wii U. It' smid May, these should be avaible everywhere, even fo r$99, this is Black Fridady holiday shoping season.



dkxcalibur said:

My target still has them. A couple months ago when the Pokemon free DL game was going on, Target gave away $25 gift cards with the purchase of any 3DS system. I picked up the Mario & Luigi 3DS XL system got the $25 gift card, used it to buy Lego City, and then registered the game and system to get the free Pokemon game. When you preorder games at Target they give you a $5 gift card when you pick-up your game. What am I saying? Target is the place to buy video games, and I recommend buying a 2DS if you're thinking about it.



Kiyata_Hamasaki said:

I wish this was an XL system. Too many games are hard to see on the original sized 3ds screens so I won't buy the 2ds unless they make it an XL.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I downgraded from an XL when I saw this promotion here a few weeks ago. Still kept the XL (it's my wife's handheld now) but man do I enjoy the slab design of the 2DS, overall it's really comfortable for me to the point where I play on it more than before.



DiscoGentleman said:

They've been promoting this deal for like a week now. There's a banner on the NA eShop. And before this deal hit, they were doing the same thing at best buy, $99 2DS's. Again, banner at the top of the eShop.



TruenoGT said:

We totally didn't need it having like a half dozen other DS/3DS systems, but my family got the 2DS with the $100 Pokémon deal and it's a really cool little system. Still prefer the XL overall, but there's some things the 2DS does better (solidity of build, shoulder buttons, speaker volume for examples).



Bambeezie said:

I had a 3DS, but found it very uncomfortable. I tried out my nephew's 2DS, and found it to feel great. It may be marketed for younger kids, but it is great for older people with bigger hands too.



Hortencio said:

Damn it! I swore I'd break down and grab one of these (never liked the 3D effects of the original..) if they dropped to $99...used. So, I guess I have no excuse now; hello, backlog super-surplus!



drewb0203 said:

These 2ds commercials and vids are tempting me to buy one...I have a 3Ds XL M and L one....I honestly love the 3d in the games like, 3d Land ALBW and KTDs looks fantastic. Any comments on if I should buy a 2Ds?



redivgamer90 said:

This TV ad was actually good. I felt like my inner child laughed as the kids were laughing in the ad...



aaronsullivan said:

I think if you can find a way to play 3 3DS/2DS systems at the same time, it might be worth it to get a 2DS. Especially since rapidly switching between looking at each of the 6 screens constantly means the 3D effect will be hard to use anyway.

Nice ad, and from the comments here it looks like the 2DS is exactly what I thought it would be. Smart move to get an entry point at $99. I'm considering it for the kids...



rdxgeno said:

Nice. I'm glad I held back on purchasing one until now. I'm going to see if I can grab one at Target tomorrow.



biglittlejake said:

All the fuss over a 30 dollar temporary price drop.... I have a 2DS so this no big deal. I have had a 2DS and a 3DS I like the 2DS better. The 2DS seemed more like I was used to. I had a GBC, GBA, DS, DS Lite, 3DS, 3DS XL and now a month or so ago a 2DS. I always trade my handheld up so GBC to a GBA and etc. This case though I had a 3DS XL and traded it for a Vita, and Wii U for PS3. I got rid of my Sony system and handheld because I got sick of hearing swear words or suggestive humor. The swearing was all from FF 13 and FF Lightning Returns. The suggestive humor was also from FF.



AshFoxX said:

Maybe now I can get my friend off the fence to pick one up before Smash Bros 3DS comes out.



B3ND3R said:

Might be high time my friend picked one up.. He's been talking about getting one for pokemon and smash for a while..



Genesaur said:

That's a good ad. I like this whole "because it's Nintendo" slogan they've got going on.



Lobster said:

It's a nice ad! Wish they'd promote the Wii U half so nicely.

Too bad this promotion is only like a few days long?!



AVahne said:

I'm really hoping they bring this deal back now that the Sea Green color is out.

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