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Yumi's Odd Odyssey Is Coming To Europe Under Its Original Japanese Title, Sayonara UmiharaKawase

Posted by Damien McFerran

3DS eShop exclusive, arriving April 24th

Agatsuma Entertainment has confirmed that it is bringing Sayonara UmiharaKawase to Europe on April 24th as a download-only 3DS eShop exclusive. The price will be 24.99 Euros.

The game — which follows on from the Japan-only Super Famicom and Nintendo DS editions — recently hit North America under the title Yumi's Odd Odyssey. "There's really nothing else like Umihara Kawase," we said in our Yumi's Odd Odyssey review. "Its Western release is something to celebrate — puzzle-platforming fans, don't let this one get away."

It has also been confirmed that the ranking system will be in place for the European launch so players can compare their skills with other 3DS owners.

Will you be picking this one up? What are your thoughts on Agatsuma reverting back to the original Japanese name? Share your thoughts by posting a comment.

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Magikarp3 said:

Awesome, awesome news. Although Agatsuma, I can't remember if they release for Australia...



JustAnotherUser said:

@EarthboundBenjy nihongo no namae ha"?"kidayo?

  • "?" = No idea what that is.

Even though It's eshop only I'm glad it's getting a release.

edit: I've got it, nihongo no namae ha suki dayo.



FX102A said:

Hmmm, being an eShop only title I tend to wait for a price drop / temporary deal for higher prices games. Will watch this one before deciding.




I too like the Japanese names. Changing it to Yumi's Odd Odyssey was a stupid idea. Maybe it will make more people get it, but I doubt it...



element187 said:

@Yasume it's the exact reason why I have purchased this in North America yet..... When introducing a new series that you want to take off in a new territory, you need to set a lower price to build an audience, and if the series is really good, people will pay full price on the next one.



Ninhau said:

Games that sell hardware and make people happy!? Nintendo, take notice, there might be something here to learn for the WiiU

This, Tomodatchi, etc... are the reason people buy the 3DS, exclusive and fun games, different experiences, that you really cant have anywhere else



BakaKnight said:

Very interested in this game, but I'm also interested in other various releases coming out in the spring period (and my wallet can't catch them all already >.>; ).

I'm afraid I will probably have to skip this awesome title or wait some promotion to tempt me back to it ^_^;



sinalefa said:

I spent $30 on this, and I don't regret a single penny a single day. Long, charming, unique and challenging, with lots of replay value and speedrunning potential.



heyzeus002 said:

Awesome news. A lot sooner than I thought too. I love these types of games and after the nl review my hype levels were cranked. Can't wait



TurboTEF said:

I purchased this game last week and it is very much so worth the full asking price IMO, so dive right in! Hell, I've spent much more on games I didn't like years ago (16/32-bit days).

Its also pretty cool that you guys get the original title name as well even though I'm actually partial to the US name TBH.

Level 7 secret exit is killing me BTW.



NickieBoy said:

Why couldn't the US get the original name! Oh well, I find it interesting when a series has differences in other countries.



EarthboundBenjy said:


Here you go.
It's a English-Japanese dictionary where you can copy+paste any words if you don't know them. If you're starting out learning how to read Japanese, then having a dictionary where you can copy and paste is useful if you're looking at Japanese sites, since you may not know how to look up a certain word otherwise.



sillygostly said:

@Jollykarp : It's no longer in the ACB website's classification database (some entries just inexplicably disappear from the database for no apparent reason), but I distinctly remember this game being given a G rating sometime last year, so yes, it is coming to Australia.



meppi said:

So glad we finally got confirmation on this as well as that they are keeping the original name.
Also loving how they refer to this game as a Rubbering
Action Game, which brings back a ton of memories of the very first in the series!

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