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Super Mario 64 Gets The Oculus Rift Treatment

Posted by Samantha Sofka

The first person point of view is a bit troublesome

By now, it's probably safe to say that people are interested in the Oculus Rift. We've seen multiple Nintendo-themed demos via videos from YouTube user Chadtronic — from the likes of Zelda to Metroid — while others have gotten in on the act with examples such as Pokemon, with a crazy treadmill contraption and all. For his part Chadtronic has now decided to tackle Super Mario 64, and the results are perhaps as clumsy as you'd expect.

Super Mario 64 is a nostalgic game for many, but it's unsurprising that it struggles to translate to the Oculus Rift. According to Chadtronic the game runs smoothly, but there are a few issues that completely bog the user down when the game is played in first person.

While in third person, it plays relatively similar to how it was on the title's console of origin; the only thing different is that the camera behind Mario is free to move wherever your head turns. Once you've switched to first person, however, the issues start. Its nice to see --just as we did with the Zelda demo — that the first person point of view gives us a better idea of the scale of our protagonist's world, but after a while the narrow vision gets in the way. Enemies are harder to see and the environment doesn't always render correctly due to it not being designed for this perspective. The YouTuber explains why these graphical issues likely occur, and switches back to third person — out of necessity — while in mid-battle with King Bobomb.

Although this particular run with the Oculus Rift proved to be a bit unsuccessful, that is not to say that others will have the same problems; some games are perhaps better suited for the Oculus experience. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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Alshain01 said:

Nothing on earth would make me buy an Oculus Rift, short of making them the size of Google Glass.



retro_player_22 said:

I see no point in playing this game on that thing especially when playing it in third person on console was already good enough.



AshFoxX said:

This just makes me want to hack Goldeneye to work with a mouse and keyboard like a proper PC shooter.



MuchoMochi said:

kind of stupid since the game is third person, pretty much the same experience as sitting way to close to the television.



Mr-X9000 said:

oculos rift? o yeah i actually remember using both that and a first person mario 64 at a giant gaming flea market i went to 2 sundays ago!!



FritzFrapp said:

@Steven1094 "This would of look cool like, 20 years ago! But, thanks to advance technology in these days, it's very.... Meh!"

I played on virtual reality 20 years ago. It was cool for a very short while. Then the headaches and nausea kicked in....



Janfeae said:

Not dissing Virtual Reality, but it always felt like a 90's fad to me. For it to truly be impressive, like say something like Sword Art Online, it would also be incredibly dangerous; Not to mention technologically impossible.

I applaud those who develop in this field for those who really do enjoy this type of virtual reality, because it is quite an undertaking. For me personally though, it just looks and feels silly lol



ShadJV said:

Eh, wake me when they have Oculus Rift Pong. I call right paddle. Being the antagonist is more interesting.



Trogue12 said:

Jusy wanted to say i am a huge nintendo fan and own all the consoles released by them.
for you guys saying this is like sitting infront of a tv IT ISN'T it's in full 3d and has head tracking that moves with your head, i have a rift so i know this.
for others saying it's "meh" then you are incorrect and should try Rift Dev kit 2 in full HD playing half-life 2. Just because you havn't used one don't say it wouldn't be cool. It is.
i'm not.some pc master race person, i enjoy both pc and wiiu but it pisses me off to see people commenting about this and dissing a thing they have no idea about.



Megumi said:

Ok, the original Legend of Zelda was done pretty well, but after that it just becomes pointless.



WaveBoy said:

Not exactly a brilliant match made in mushroom kingdom heaven. I'd like to see Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition with Wii remote pointer + nunchuck controls get the Oculus rift treatment, Skyward sword would be pretty darn tootin' amazing too!



Champollion said:

Looks cool to me — particularly the slide at the end. And surprisingly, the problems don't seem to come so much from the game itself (I mean, platform-oriented level design), but from the game engine that was not meant to display everything from a (moving) first-person perspective. So I find the result rather encouraging, overall.



Dreamz said:

I was going to purchase one as soon as they did a consumer release, at least until Facebook bought them. Now I won't be touching it.



TwilightV said:

And that kids, is why traditional Mario games are not presented in first-person view.



AltDotNerd said:

Sure, try to play Mario 64 in 1st-person. Have fun swinging Bowser around. Be sure to bring a barf bag.



Deadstanley said:

@Trogue12 I agree with you. A friend of mine has the SD Dev Kit and when I used it, I was blown away. It's really hard to capture the effect and impact that the actual unit has on a person when being used if you can't see for yourself. I think that judging the technology on a game that isn't designed for just makes people seem ignorant.

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