Metroid Prime

If Metroid Prime wasn’t already immersive enough, YouTube personality Chadtronic has stepped it up a notch, sharing his own Oculus Rift experiences with Retro Studio’s now-classic 2002 GameCube title.

After many requests and much troubleshooting, he was finally able to get the game up and running. Coming in just under 10 minutes, the video shows the very beginnings of Metroid Prime — tutorials and all — through the eyes of the head-mounted display.

While it’s not all smooth sailing — with a few quick edits, cuts and cinematic bugs here and there — it’s enough to give viewers an idea of what Samus Aran’s space adventures look like from the unique perspective.

This fun proof of concept is — it must be acknowledged — running a GameCube game in an unnatural state, of course, as is the reality of all these intriguing Oculus Rift Nintendo experiments. Check out the video below, and if you feel so inclined take a look at some of the others uploaded, including this nifty Zelda one.