We had a poke around Japan-only 3DS eShop shooter Radirgy De Gojaru's official website last week, but now the game's been released in The Land of the Rising Sun we've been able to spend some time with it ourselves.

The first thing that strikes you is that while it looks like a shmup it's actually more of a tower defence game — your ship is invincible, but the building located at the bottom of the screen is not. There appears to be just one level, with endless waves of increasing difficulty swarming the screen from all directions as time goes on. This is undoubtedly a game for the score-attack fanatic, as while there are unlockable wallpapers and a few other extras, the focus on the game is all on maximising your score while protecting the building from enemy ships big and small for as long as possible.

We'll have a full report for you soon — a lot of the depth and joy in a shmup comes from mastering the scoring system and the firepower under your control, so it's important we know what we're doing first!