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Video: Import Only 3DS Blaster Radirgy De Gojaru Shakes Up The Shmup

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

Hand-cramping action ahoy!

We had a poke around Japan-only 3DS eShop shooter Radirgy De Gojaru's official website last week, but now the game's been released in The Land of the Rising Sun we've been able to spend some time with it ourselves.

The first thing that strikes you is that while it looks like a shmup it's actually more of a tower defence game — your ship is invincible, but the building located at the bottom of the screen is not. There appears to be just one level, with endless waves of increasing difficulty swarming the screen from all directions as time goes on. This is undoubtedly a game for the score-attack fanatic, as while there are unlockable wallpapers and a few other extras, the focus on the game is all on maximising your score while protecting the building from enemy ships big and small for as long as possible.

We'll have a full report for you soon — a lot of the depth and joy in a shmup comes from mastering the scoring system and the firepower under your control, so it's important we know what we're doing first!

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Ralek85 said:

Doesn't look that interessting, but still ... how come ? This game is a digital release anyways and from the looks of it, it's far from text heavy. So how much effort could a translation and international "publishing" be ?
I just don't get it. If it were a RPG with thousands upon thousands of lines of text, or some heavy cultural themes .. But something like this ? Is there any scenario were "localisation" coud possibly not pay for itself ? Oo



HugoBR said:

Why is it different from the original version ? The original version is actually a real shmup.



jkvasn said:




FritzFrapp said:

One solitary, non-scrolling mode; sfx that sound like a squirrel being turned inside out; music that has you reaching for hot candle wax to pour down your auditory canals; 3D-less graphics only a mother could love; and hold-A-to-win gameplay that makes you want to eat your own teeth. What's not to like?



3dcaleb said:

the green high power laser is always greener on the other side of the ocean. i bet the lower screen has all the options and stuff that u can change and upgrade when your score gets higher or whatever. that probably wasn't the greatest game but it still looked kinda fun and i wish we at least had the option to get it. japan has so many awesome games now that we dont for the 3ds that i'm almost ready to try and start learning japanese just to play games! i got a few japanese ds games the other day to see how hard it was to play one and i couldnt play any of them. why cant they just translate whatever and put it at the bottom of the screen like in a movie? i would give anything to play 3d gundam, e.x. troopers, the one piece games. ghost watch, attack on titan, robot wars, blah blah blah ect. and theres probably 50 more awesome ones i dont even know about. oh well, maybe they'll get their act together someday, or i'll learn japanese.



ChessboardMan said:

I'm with everyone else. Previous footage related to this game that you showed was a Lot more interesting (I assume that must have been the original game), this… this looks pretty poor really.



CrazyOtto said:

I'll just get the Ultimate Shooting Collection on Wii which includes a localized version of the first game.

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