Radirgy DGJL Web Top

Late last year we covered the announcement of Radirgy De Gojaru, a Japanese eShop exclusive shmup which serves as a sequel to the Dreamcast blaster Radirgy. We've now got a bit more information to share with you before the game launches on the 19th of February, courtesy of the game’s incredibly orange official website.

From the looks of things, we'll have two main ways of dealing with oncoming enemy forces: a regular shot attack that can also switch to two different surround-shot patterns to take out enemies to the sides or behind and a short-range sword. There’s also an “absorb net” that apparently functions like a good old-fashioned smart-bomb, which of course by the Secret Shmup Club Rules™ should never be used under any circumstances.

More information on this title, its scoring system and the interesting extras they’re packing in (so far wallpapers and a Karous tie-in have been mentioned) as we get them.

Would you like to see this released worldwide? Are there any other shmups you'd like on your 3DS? Let us know in the comments section below.

[source klon.co.jp]