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Scram Kitty And His Buddy On Rails Is Blasting To The Wii U This April

Posted by Damien McFerran

New gameplay trailer unleashed, too

Dakko Dakko has confirmed to us that Scram Kitty and hid Buddy On Rails will be hitting the Wii U eShop this April.

The unique blaster — which promises to make convincing use of the GamePad controller — was announced some time ago, and hasn't had a solid release window — until now.

The studio hasn't got a precise date in mind for release as yet, and pricing is still to be confirmed. However, Dakko Dakko's Rhodri Broadbent was able to confirm that the intention is to release the game in both Europe and North America in the same month.

Along with this exciting announcement, Dakko Dakko has released a brand new trailer which is positively bursting with gameplay footage. We've embedded it below, so have a look before sharing your thoughts with a comment.

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BigH88 said:

This is one eshop title I've had my eye on ever since last year. Can't wait to finally play it.



sinalefa said:

Great news. Hopefully we will get an exact date soon. I am also loving that trailer, had no idea you had several weapons to choose from.



Pod said:

This game certainly looks unique, and the music is trippy!



meppi said:

Wow, I'm getting an Axelay/Guardian Force vibe from the way certain weapons look and behave.
This one went from being under my radar to a day-1 pickup.



DreamOn said:

Day onesies! Although I thought we'd be getting our hands on this one much sooner but no matter!



rjejr said:

Not usually my type of game but the trailer sucks me in. I like the use of depth, it's like somebody created the whole game in their notebook during high school geometry class. It's really noticeable when you hit the jump button. I think the jump button adds a new dynamic that these games usually lack that gives it a little bit more of a strategy element rather than just pressing the fire button as fast as you can. More cerebral, less twitchy.

I'll still need a review for playability and difficulty, these games tend to be quite hard, but the graphics and music gives me hope for an easy setting.



gojiguy said:

Looks like it's going to be a couple of dry months before 2014 really gets moving for the Wii U... :/



LittleIrves said:

Man, I hope this does well enough to convince small developers to create unique, exclusive games for Wii U. Ports of indie PC games are fine, but there's so much potential with the GamePad that's being unrealized. My Hamilon awaits you, Mr. Broadbent.



Vriess said:

I'm not even rooting for exclusives. As long as smaller developers don't turn their backs on the Wii U like the big developers do... Games like The 90's Arcade Racer, Hyper Light Drifter, Dex, ReVen, Shovel Knight and Paradise Lost: First Contact aren't exclusives but they surely are welcome on a console that lacks titles.



OGGamer said:

This trailer was great it changed my mind about this game . I will be getting it upon release along with "Assault android cactus " and "A.N.N.E." Hurry up and release these games !



Aaronzord said:

I'm looking forward to this...the art style is awesome.

Rhodri is a great name, by the way.



R_Champ said:


I agree. I already like the gameplay videos, but I'll be supporting it day one because of gamepad support/because it's not just a port.



luke88 said:

Looks excellent, plus it's wiiu exclusive, which makes it a day one purchase for me.

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