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Kamen Rider: Battride War II Steers Its Way to Wii U in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Like Power Rangers with bikes

In positive news for Wii U gamers in Japan, and a reminder that some third-party projects in the region are supporting the platform, it's emerged that Kamen Rider: Battride War II is coming to the system; the predecessor to this game was a PS3 exclusive brawler / bike-action game and enjoyed reasonable chart success.

This new entry is also coming to the PS3 once again and seems to offer plenty of content to satisfy long term fans of the series; it began as a '70s TV show and has also had an on-off presence in manga and film in the decades since, going through reboots in recent years. It's taken on an edgier look from its original days, while the game will focus on the movies up to the 'Heisei' era with features and ideas from the latest series included. It'll also arrive in two versions on 26th June, a 7,120 yen standard edition and a 10,450 yen “Premium TV & Movie Sound Edition” that'll feature 40 tracks from the TV series and movies on the disc.

We'll hopefully see more of what's coming to the Wii U in the West later today and in the coming weeks, but this certainly counts as a positive for the Japanese market.


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Azooooz said:

The game may move sufficient number of Wii U units if it wasn't going to be released for PS3 as well. But we shall see.



GunstarHero234 said:

LOOOOL WHAT KAMEN RIDER BATTLERIDE WAR 2 COMING TO Wii U but only in japan well another freaking damn dealbreaker for Region Lock on Wii U oh well since it come to PS3 which has region free I'll just buy on that system which I have the first one already and I hope they improve the challenge in the damn game this time around or just give to a professional that know how to develop beat em up war titles Koei Tecmo.

(Great picture of Kamen Rider Gaim Jinba Lemon Arms Nintendolife but I don't agree with the dialog)



maneauleau said:

Good news for the Wii U and good news for Japan but unfortunately sad news for region locking as this is one of these titles that will never make it in the Occident



AugustusOxy said:

God I wish this would come over here and I wish the Wii-u was region free, I'm annoyed that I'd have to get it for the PS3 to play it.

BUT! This proves my point, that Japan is going to support the Wii-u with these interesting third party titles. I can't wait for all the developers to lose millions on their PS4 and Xboxone games over here and start flocking to the Wii-u because its cheaper to make for.



GunstarHero234 said:

@AugustusOxy Dude I feel your pain but you cannot blame 3rd Parties for being successful also I feel Nintendo should had a brain and thought about Region Free rather than being dumb for being the ONLY console this gen having Region Locking. Do you understand if the system was open to buy whatever title you want that isn't coming to the states that would move more systems for them but it seems like they want the system to fail or something.



gojiguy said:

This is good news. Usually these types of games were skipping Wii U outside of Tecmo Koei's stuff.

Too bad I can't import it...



banacheck said:

This is a bad thing with Nintendo region locking & localization, you just know it's not coming to the EU/US.



divinelite said:

Good thing I can always import from Japan.
This and gundam is no go for Nintendo usa/europe



ultraraichu said:

I wouldn't be surprised if they localized it here in NA at least as a digital download like they did with FotNS:KR2 and Senran Kagura Burst just to name a few that people thought we'll never get.



GunstarHero234 said:

@Kaine_Morrison You right my fault just I ignore those things because how amazing the show is when the riders fight each other and you freaking right power rangers NO where near the level of this series nor Super Sentai series either.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

@gojiguy You can, just you have to have a Japanese Wii U.....though you'd have all the wonders of the Japanese Wii, Wii U and Virtual Console and eShop wonders.... X3



KamenRiderClive said:

Yet another promising import falls victim to the accursed region lock. It's like Japanese companies don't want my money!

By the way, Nintendo Life, calling Kamen Rider "Like Power Rangers with bikes" is a little like calling Dracula "Twilight with accents." Just wrong and going to make people like me seethe with pointless rage.



element187 said:

@Maneauleau Nintendo needs to start offering to pay for localization of Japanese third party games since western devs gave up on Wii U.... It would help fill out the release schedule for a minimal investment. But you know. Nintendo.

Lots of stellar games in Japan like Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter Frontier that would keep us fat and happy over here.



blastergun said:

definitely getting a jap wii u console. so many interesting game get to be release in japan first like romance of three kingdom, kanen ridrr, zela hyrule warrior, retail nes remix 1&2 for collection



blastergun said:

definitely getting a jap wii u console. so many interesting game get to be release in japan first like romance of three kingdom, kanen ridrr, zela hyrule warrior, retail nes remix 1&2 for collection

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