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Tue 4th Feb 2014

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blastergun commented on Nintendo Publishes a "New to Wii U?" Guide:

"New to Wii U?" Guide:
1. Fun and great games that no other consoles have
2. convenient second screen off tv play and tablet functionality that no other consoles have
3. No many 3rd parties on the console but when there is a game from the 3rd party and it is available on multi platform. Wii u version have the best in term of functionality and game play experience.
4. Fantastic games coming out like zelda hyrule warrior, Smash, donkey kong, zelda, monster hunt, digital games from DS, super nes, nes, likely to have pokemon as secret weapon for wii u recovery.
5. Very cheap prices with backward compatibility which other consoles dont have.
6. Free online/internet gaming.
7.Wii U games prices are very affordable.