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Video: A New Bravely Default Trailer Shows You How To Get A Job

Posted by Mark Green

Not your average 9 to 5, though

Any RPG – or JRPG – gamer knows that strategy is the most important thing when playing through the game. Knowing enemy weak spots, which armour to equip and which weapon is the most effective are all key factors to make victory a certainty. Yet sometimes things go into deeper levels of planning.

Bravely Default is one such game, as it allows the player to assign jobs with specific skill-sets to each character to make battles a breeze. You could have an entire team of black mages, or split the team to have a half-magic-half-knight combo, or you could have everyone specialising different skills to get the ultimate combo.

The number of possible variations lets the player give a personal touch to how they play the game, and with this handy Jobs trailer, it’s clear just how diverse and unique each job can be. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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Spoony_Tech said:

Can't wait for the epic throw back to the snes days with this!

Ok that trailer got me even more excited! I wouldn't be surprised if this knocks off Kid Icarus as my favorite 3ds game!! Those were EPIC Job skills and attacks/spells/summons!



FiveDigitLP said:

I'm really on the fence about this game after playing the demo. When I first heard about it, I was really excited and anxiously hoped that it would be localized. But the demo makes the gameplay seem fairly bland and unnecessarily complicated. Also, based on the Nintendo Direct, I expected there to be a minor side story in the demo, but so far it's just pointless fetch quests. I know there will be more of a story in the actual game, but I hope it's good because that was what initially had me interested in the game.



McHaggis said:

Just like with real jobs, none of them pay that well until you become more experienced in them .



WYLD-WOO said:

The demo is seperate from the main game. However, the Town in which the demo is based does feature in the main game with a full lead story. The battle system at first may seem complicated, but I`m sure after a good few hours you will find it a breeze. Yeah, the demo is a bit bland but it does show the potential for the main game, it`s just showing you the basics. The amazing story in the main game provides romance, action, twists, turns and humour. This is not to be be missed and is one of the best hand-held RPG`s money can buy. I`m 100 hours in by the way and think I`ve quite a bit more to do.



Nareva said:

Nice trailer. The demo was great, if a bit basic. Looks like there's lots to love about the full game.



Metroidlink said:

I love the summon class but I kind of didn't like the way they handled the getting jobs mechanic, this method is ok but I didn't like how all job were like this (tried to avoid spoilers for americans who don't have it yet)



joeb1kenobi said:

I was on the fence about this game, put @ 10hrs into the demo and now absolutely can't wait to pick it up. games like this and ni no kuni remind me why I used to enjoy playing RPG's.



FiveDigitLP said:

@WYLD-WOO @PrincessEevee9
I do indeed realize it's a separate story. My point is the LACK of a story in the demo. Granted, it's free, so I guess I shouldn't complain, but they made it sound like there would be a bit of something, instead of just "Hey, fix this village and then go fight evil creatures." Maybe there's more that I'm missing, though

Also, @WYLD-WOO, I have mostly gotten the combat system down...I just feel like they make the setup way to convoluted and then don't do a good job of explaining it. Granted, I feel this way about a lot of JRPGs, so maybe it's just me. At the very least, if a game's going to have a super complicated battle system, I like it when they give visual tutorials or hands-on lessons...especially when it comes to some of those menus that are 5 levels deep...



WYLD-WOO said:

Good old American marketing seems to have made the demo sound better than it is. I`m sure the main game will provide enough of a detailed explanation for you of the battle system and its various options.



SkywardCrowbar said:

The Demo is much skimpier on content than I thought it would be... I guess I'll just try to dive headlong into everything when I get the full game.



Laxeybobby said:

This is Sold Out on and has been since mid December!
I have it on stock alert but none has arrived. I find it hard to believe the UK's biggest online game retailer is struggling to obtain stock. (same for Lego City and Animal Crossing on 3DS - my son and daughter want these)



PrincessEevee9 said:

@FiveDigitLP "I'm going to complain about not seeing some story in a demo which has no impact on the game once soever and not acknowledging that we even got this much for a spinoff game" my good entitled gamers such as you piss me off. So instead of appreciating what we got to tide us over until February you just complain about it instead of being happy we get this much and then some for a demo?



Justaguest said:

I like this game but brave and default concept isnt anything revolutional to me. it slows gameplay a lot.



FiveDigitLP said:

Wow. I think you blew my comment out of proportion a bit. I was under the impression the demo was going to have a small story so i could get a feel for the writing and character development of the game. Instead it's more of a tech demo for the battle system. It's not a bad thing for free content, mind you, just not what I was expecting.



Aerona said:

The demo got me really excited for this! This might change after I've spent more time with the game, but for now I feel like this is what Final Fantasy XV should have been. Or at least as much as it possibly could have been with Uematsu and Sakaguchi out of the picture.



Sanquine said:

As a former sony fanatic and new/proud owner of the 3DS. I must say i'm totally in love with this game. This game has achieved the same feeling for me as Dragonquest or YS! Superb game!

The artstyle is amazing and the 3D effect amazes me.



kunimitsu said:

Love the BD newsies but trailer is too spoily so I no watch. cant wait for GAME 2 PLAY YES EXCELLENT!!!!



khuenq said:

@FiveDigitLP I'm playing this game right now (EU version) and I'm really into it. I can guarantee that its battle system is very easy to get use to and the story is really good (though to be honest, there's a time you have to be very patient). Just buy it and see for yourself



FantasiaWHT said:

Well, no, this doesn't show you HOW to get jobs, it shows you some of the jobs you can get. Reminds me of FF5, FFT, etc. Nothing too exciting other than being a quality JRPG... still on the fence on this one.



mullen said:

So this is what happened. Before the demo released, lots of comments said that they would not touch the demo because they don't like to play the beginning of the story and then need to wait months for the rest. Therefore, Nintendo tried to tell you that this demo is not about the main story of the game, you would not have such feeling. Now players complains about the demo has no real story. It's a demo, it's not a prologue. It's not something requires every player to play before they start the release version (so it can't be some real side stories). Also, you players don't want to just play the first few scenes and stop there for months. You players surely don't want to play some stories that totally irrelevant to the main game. So what do you want? Please don't ask too much for a demo and make it an impossible mission.



FiveDigitLP said:

Thanks. I appreciate your thoughts! I'll definitely looking into buy it when it comes out in a couple weeks if I have the money.



Ralizah said:

Definitely the best new franchise on a Nintendo platform in ages. This is more Final Fantasy than Final Fantasy has been in ages.



KittenKoder said:

I love the battle system for this game, from what I have played in the demo. It becomes more of a strategic system than most turn based RPGs, and I had grown bored of turn based systems.

@Ralizah .... I concur, with the exception of FFXII, the Final Fantasy franchise became too dry.

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