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Pokémon Trading Card Game: XY Expansion Pack Arrives 5th February

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Introduces Mega Evolution mechanic and over 140 new cards

The Pokémon Company has announced the upcoming arrival of the Pokémon Trading Card Game: XY expansion, which will be available in stores from 5th February; this is applicable in multiple territories, while a price of $3.99 for 10-card booster packs is confirmed for North America. Unlike the previous Kalos Region booster pack, this will include plenty more cards and new rules to incorporated features such as Mega Evolution.

Below is a useful description from the official website, highlighting how the Mega Evolutions from Pokémon X & Y with be interpreted in Pokémon TCG: XY.

Before playing a Mega Evolution Pokémon to evolve a Pokémon-EX, players must consider the situation carefully—doing so ends their turn immediately, which means they can’t attack that turn! The risky move is worth the reward, however, because Mega Evolution Pokémon exhibit a strength that surpasses that of Pokémon-EX. Hard-hitting attacks and high HP totals make Mega Evolution Pokémon dominant during Pokémon TCG matches.

Features of the Pokémon TCG: XY expansion include:

  • 2 all-new Mega Evolution Pokémon
  • 6 new Pokémon-EX
  • Pokémon TCG Online code cards
  • Over 140 cards in all!

It's surely only a matter of time, like with the 3DS titles, before these cards become an integral part of official competitions. Are you a fan of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and will you be checking out this expansion?

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ueI said:

The cards certainly look flashier than I remember them.



rjejr said:

My kids have had the date memorized for awhile now, I think they're looking forward to getting some real cards after they each got 5 packs each of bogus B&W cards from the $ store. FYI - Never buy Pokemon cards from the $ store, even in official looking booster packs. They actually look authentic except for the #s in the 10,000 range.

Is card coverage going to be an ongoing thing here at NL? My kids always know this stuff before me, the official Pokemon site is their Opera start-up homepage.



DarkKirby said:

When you Mega Evolve a Pokemon you should be required to shout "RANK UP! MEGA STONE FORCE!".



Chomposaur said:

the last time i had seen pokemon cards for sale was in super markets or local shops when i was a kid. As just getting back into pokemon this year i wondered what happened to the cards

Coming from the UK, where do they sell pokemon cards now ? Or am I looking in the wrong places ?



ningeek185 said:

Although I like to stick with the late 90s cards, I have to admit that SOME of those X/Y cards are pretty dang cool. I think that the Mega cards are a bit over done, but the other cards look interesting. I just hope that the tins aren't over $20!



DefHalan said:

@linktothepichu that GB Pokemon game is one of my favorite Pokemon games. I don't really understand how you don't see the difference between a long RPG and a Card game. The card game is based off the RPG but they are two different games that use different mechanics.



Morpheel said:

@linktothepichu the original Pokemon TCG video game was pretty good,
The main games and the TCG play vastly different, the differences are too many to just list here.

I'd love to play a new TCG video game someday.



H1B1Esquire said:

To any who care, if you tried the first GBC Pokémon TCG but asked yourself, "why couldn't they include more!", I recommend Rocket Strikes Back, the second entry in TCG (also on GBC) but don't be fooled by the DS version, it only shows you "how" to play the TCG; not the same kind of "play" in my book.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@H1B1Esquire The second game was never localized, so I don't think it's an option, as linktothepichu would need to both import it and know Japanese to be able to play it.

@linktothepichu Other than some exclusive cards in the video game, a few substituted card effects when they don't work as well digitally as in real life, and obviously not using the rule updates that have been made since the game's release, the Pokémon TCG video game works exactly as the TCG does in real life. The other posters mistakenly thought you were referring to the main series Pokémon games rather than the spinoff game based on the TCG.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I find it ironic that Mega Evolutions will now be included when the similar Lv. X cards (which may have even inspired Mega Evolutions in the first place) have been part of the TCG for years. Of course, they couldn't exactly ignore the Mega Evolutions either. Does this mean they'll no longer make Lv. X cards?

It's interesting that you can only use them on EX cards, which both nerfs Mega Evolutions (due to the rarity of EX cards) and buffs them (as all EX cards are considered Basic Pokémon).

I also find it strange that they require you to wait a turn to attack, which directly contradicts their mechanics in the actual RPGs. It would've made more sense if you could only use one Mega Evolution per game and couldn't use something like a Revive card to bring it back from the discard pile, but I guess the game is balanced better this way.

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