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First Impressions: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

We will never spell “Theatrhythm” right first time

A demo for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call recently went live on the Japanese 3DS eShop, and will hold few surprises with hardcore fans of the series. There’s really very little here that will not be immediately familiar to anyone with even the most casual experience of the original game, but considering how good the first Theatrhythm was and how enthusiastically it was received by gamers everywhere, there wouldn't be much sense in changing things for the sake of it. This is one instance where “the same, but better” is pretty much all anyone could really hope for, or want.

The Japanese demo has three tracks to whet your appetite: Seymour Battle (Final Fantasy X) and Crimson Blitz (FFXIII: Lightning Returns) are the exciting battle tracks, with Serene Forest from Final Fantasy XIV serving as the more relaxing field music stage. All three tracks are done using the same team – Lightning, Yuna, Tidus and Y’shtola — so every track also has at least one matching character to go along with it.

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Arguably the major new addition, at least as far as this demo is concerned, is to see Final Fantasy XIV finally brought in from the cold and acknowledged as an equal alongside the rest of the series. This is great news for game music fans; whatever your feelings on Final Fantasy XIV’s troublesome development, Square-Enix MMOs or MMOs in general, that game has a fantastic soundtrack and already has enough good music to fill up Theatrhythm's song roster all by itself.

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The official website for Curtain Call promises over two hundred tracks and over sixty characters, as well as a versus battle mode for the final release. We’ll bring you more details as they come through — we wish the irritatingly vague “Spring 2014” release date would come sooner.

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BigH88 said:

I loved the first one. Final Fantasy music is great. Not sure about the games though as I've never played any of them.



Phantom_R said:

This phantom prefers Rhythm Thief and HarmoKnight. Theatrhythm seems to be more about baffling the player than testing their rhythm.



CrimsonSkidmark said:

anybody else bothered by the fact that Theatrhythm and no Curtain Call are full of FF titles that never appeared on Nintendo consoles? (at least in the states)



allav866 said:

The Battle with Seymore was in the first Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, but it seems longer. Does this mean there will be more songs from the original, but extended? Cos if so, One Winged Angel had way too much cut out for my liking. I hope the whole song is in it this time.



unrandomsam said:

So has this one got £300 worth of DLC (VS only £150) that seems to be the only type of innovation Square Enix is capable of these days. (Even Bravely Default is inferior to the Golden Age SNES games of which there are loads that have never been translated).



Deathgaze said:

It wasn't a fact, it was you showing repulsive behaviour against said games and songs because they didn't exist on Nintendo platforms. Good games are good games and good songs are good songs. A platform is just a means to play the game.

I imagine there would be some FFX songs in both games as the remaster was just released in Japan with a redone soundtrack. I wouldn't expect overlapping songs from other games, IE: One Winged Angel. Just my speculation, take it with a grain of salt.



therube said:

I'd like to see Theatrhythm: Dragon Quest before another heaping helping of Final Fantasy tunes. Actually, I'd like to see anything Dragon Quest on my 3DS...



Kmno said:

I've got the first and I love it to bits, though I suck hard at Ultimate Score and post 40ish Chaos Notes.



ikki5 said:

I got one of them for the 3DS and well... they are aright, I found it really annoying how some of the really good music became micro transaction though and so therefore, I'll never be getting another one again.

Plus it looks exactly the same as the one that I got... makes me wonder if it is just a "new" game with the runs of songs changed slightly, probably some different cinematics



AlexSora89 said:

Throw "Don't Be Afraid" (or, even better, the Chocobo Racing remix "FFVIII Circuit") in there and I'll get the sequel. Otherwise, I'll stick to the first game so far.



sinalefa said:

I love the first one, but getting this will depend on how many of the 200 songs and 60 characters are included in the original purchase. There were way too many DLC songs in the first game, at around $1 each, so the whole game was close to $100.

I also did not like how you cannot even preview the songs before buying them. It should be easier than either have you go to youtube to check every song or expect that you knew them by heart.



TrueWiiMaster said:

So aside from adding FF14 songs, what's different from the first Theatrhythm here? Will it have all the songs the original had as DLC or something?



blondeandy said:

For me this is a wasted opportunity, the first game was fantastic but rinsed the FF series of most of it's best moments and songs so not sure there is going to be enough here to convince me to purchase. I would've thought extending it to the whole square-enix universe with tunes from the chrono/mana/DQ games as well as some new FF stuff would've been the sensible option. This may not sell as well and cause them to axe the series without really thinking about why it failed(which seems to be SEs thing these days)



unrandomsam said:

@Jowy Good Games are good games. However Final Fantasy no longer is.

(VII was when it started to go downhill. Dragon Quest stayed good for longer not sure about the MMO).



Luna-Harmony said:

Is this game a complete dlc one ?
or part 2 ?
I own the first one and its amazing such a good game but hard as nails in some parts.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Theatrhythm is one of my favorite 3DS games of all time (right up there with New Leaf) and while I am not happy with Square Enix as of late (I even changed my user as some of you may know...) still easily my most anticipated game of 2014. Hoping its as good or better than the 1st!!!!!



goonow said:

Theatrythm is great, not sure if ill get this one though. They would have to have some really good visuals to make me want to pay 40 dollars for basically the same thing.



Papercut said:

The biggest change in Curtain Call is support for the button control scheme, I thought.

Otherwise, not much has changed. The assets look a bit too busy though, as if this is an iOS cross development project.



Objection said:

If this game has a "transfer save data" option I will consider it. Otherwise, nope.



64supermario said:

I'll buy it if it has a lot of new songs, there was a lot from FF6 I wish they had used. But one of those songs is actually from one of those songs was actually in the last game. I really do want this game, but I don't want it to be just a few new songs from the new games. An actual 2-player mode would be nice. The 2-Player mode in the last game was just kind of...meh.

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