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Cody, Haggar And Guy Are Scrapping Their Way To The Japanese 3DS eShop In Mighty Final Fight

Posted by Damien McFerran

While we get Mighty Bomb Jack

Next week, Japanese 3DS owners will be able to step into the super-deformed shoes of Metro City's famous wrestling mayor Mike Haggar thanks to the release of Mighty Final Fight on the 3DS Virtual Console.

Capcom's side-scrolling fighter originally launched on the Famicom and NES back in 1993, and offers the same kind of brawling entertainment seen in the mainline Final Fight series. Based on the events of the first game, it's sadly a single-player affair — just like the SNES port of the original coin-op — but it does at least feature all three characters, which is something its 16-bit relation couldn't do. Capcom has also borrowed elements from River City Ransom, with each fighter gaining experience and learning new moves as the game progresses.

Mighty Final Fight will hit the Japanese eShop next week for 500 yen, while the Wii U Virtual Console is set to receive Bubble Bobble (NES), Wario's Woods (NES), New Adventure Island (PC Engine) and Penguin Adventure (MSX).


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ejamer said:

Cool. Bubble Bobble and Mighty Final Fight are both awesome games - hopefully they'll come out here too in the near future. (I already own Bubble Bobble on Wii VC... but it's one of the few titles I'd pay to upgrade for access on the gamepad.)



TruenoGT said:

Nice to see games which haven't previously been released on VC coming out. Seeing Capcom doing it gives me hope we may yet see Demon's Crest someday. Also MSX and more PCE to Wii U, keep the platform diversity going!



gp993 said:

it's seems now a days beat em up games are forgotten ? isn't it ?



Darknyht said:

How is it that Japan manages four virtual console releases a week to the Americas getting a single game weekly?

NoA Exec: Japan is getting four games, one actually considered a fan favorite. So let's stick our customers with a game few remember and of those that do, mostly hate. That is sure to help our bottom line.



Tasuki said:

I remember renting this for the NES when I was a kid. It was a decent brawler. I believe at some point it was released on the GBA cause I remember my brother having this one.



Kyloctopus said:

I bought and started Final Fight last christmas, and it's alot of fun. Hopefully Capcom can do another good one for the Nintendo fans, and localize this as well.



Shiryu said:

I wish Capcom would revive this and add multilayer along with more bad guys on screen. I would play the hell out of it.



Rafie said:

Never played "Mighty" Final Fight. Is this a chibi-form of the game?



Tsuchinoko said:

Its a nice wiiu update, but the nice bit of momentum we were seeing in the last few months for the 3ds has slowed quite a bit.



Damo said:

@Rafie Yup. Has experience levels and you can unlock new moves, as well. Just a shame there's no two player mode.



sleepinglion said:

Another sign that Nintendo adores its Japanese audience:
it tells them in advance what the eShop will see =D
Here in North America we speculate, look at a TBD SMB3 listing (that MAY have been up for months now) and wait until the day of.



Darknyht said:

@Unca_Lz The only Japan exclusive game I see there is Penguin Adventure. Two are NES games and the last is a TurboGrafx-16 title and all three saw release worldwide. Which brings up a bigger question, if TG-16 can be emulated on Wii U why hasn't it been released outside of Japan?

A Wii U eShop with a library of 100+ virtual console games that covers all genres is a win-win-win for both the consumer (more games), the developer (extra sales), and Nintendo (extra cash and more incentive to buy the console).



tanookisuit said:

The best of the single player brawlers for the NES by far and a shame it came out so late fewer have played it and in turn also made the price on it kind of suck for buyers these days too. It has more play value than the SNES chopped up port too. There's more stages, all three players, and the women aren't removed either as a pathetic sign of censorship.



sleepinglion said:

@Darknyht You pose an excellent question. Heck, the Wii U can emulate the Wii which in turn can emulate the NES, SNES, TG-16, Genesis, Arcade titles, Neo-Geo, Commodire 64, N64... but Nintendo seems bent on a slow trickle of NES and SNES titles in the US.



Steveovig said:

Yea, I'm not holding my breath on this coming to the States and that's sad. I'd probably buy it too.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@Darknyht Just get them from the Wii shop. It is available on the Wii U, you know. You'll only be missing the extra Wii U VC features, which you can just update them with when they do get released on the Wii U VC.

Anyway, I'll just stick with the GBA version of Final Fight.



Nintendo_fan32 said:

@Rafie Yup! But I think its far better than the original one ( Final fight )! At least in terms of gameplay! If they can remaster this game i think its going to be a succes!

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