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Keiji Inafune's KAIO: King Of Pirates Isn't Setting Sail Until 2014

Posted by Damien McFerran

Long-delayed 3DS adventure gets another release date

Remember KAIO: King of Pirates, the 3DS title developed by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune? The last we heard, the game was looking good for a worldwide launch, but the proposed 2012 release date never materialised and the title has been considered MIA since then.

However, according to the official website, Inafune's "Pirate Action Adventure" has charted a new course: 2014. The site doesn't give anything more concrete than that, and continues to claim that the title isn't coming out of Japan — although that particular disclaimer is dated October 2011, so it's safe to assume it's no longer valid.

We're still super-keen to play this game, so let's just keep those fingers crossed that it does indeed set sail next year — and that a western release is still on the cards.

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WiiLovePeace said:

I'm happy to hear anything about the game at all! This & Rodea Sky Soldier are my two most anticipated MIA games! I really hope it comes out here next year, looks beautiful



Rafie said:

I haven't heard anything about this game. What type of game is it? RPG, adventure? The trailer makes the game seem like it will be great. Well coming from Inafune-san, I'm sure the game will be great.



Crimzonlogic said:

Did they even say what kind of game this is supposed to be? Adventure, maybe? It'll have a big sea full of islands and ships to explore, I hope.



Weird said:

i hope it really will come out next year... i cant wait to play it xO

but who knows how long the anime and manga take which they want to release at the same time



Pit-Stain said:

Why is it on 3DS!? The 3DS is a huge seller already!! Why don't you release it on a damn Wii U!!?



Shworange said:

I wondered what happened to this title. I remember thinking it looked great when the first trailer came out quite a long time ago. Hopefully the wait was worth it.



SheldonRandoms said:

I remember hearing about this, it's still going to be awesome, it's still going to be king...............of the pirates that is (though Luffy might disagree with that).



hypercoyote said:

Wow, yea, I was wondering when this was going to be released. I had heard the developer had delayed the release for some reason (I think Inafune-san had said that).



AVahne said:

Was starting to think development was scrapped in favor of more Soul Sacrifice games and Mighty No. 9.



Rocko52 said:

Concept sounds familiar...heheh.
Still, I first heard of this game long before I was even into One Piece, back in 2011, so I'm still kind of anticipating this game...if it's good.



Raylax said:

Hmm. Announced in 2012. No screenshots or gameplay footage at the back end of 2013, pushed back to 2014. Smells like vaporware. Which is a shame (if that's the case), it looks pretty interesting.



Weedy said:

I had completely forgotten about that charming trailer. But no point hoping for this game until new footage comes out.



Gorlokk said:

This is awesome news to know that it's still coming. I really want to see more of this game.



Tasuki said:

I totally forgot about this game till now. Glad to see it's still planning to come out.

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