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New Batman: Arkham Origins DLC Arrives, Major Story-Based Content Coming in 2014

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Holy DLC overload, Batman!

Batman: Arkham Origins on Wii U may have been lacking the all-new multiplayer mode and — in the opinion of some — be below the standards of the Rocksteady predecessors, but it's still a title with some happy fans. Beating on thugs while saying "I'm Batman" in a very deep voice is fun.

The Wii U version has, to date, had decent DLC support, too. A Classic and Modern Skins pack arrived earlier in November, and two new offerings should be available on the Wii U now; we only have U.S. prices so far.

The Infinite Earths Skins Pack — $3.99USD


  • Earth 2 Dark Knight
  • Long Halloween Batman
  • Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table
  • Thrillkiller Batman
  • Earth 2 Batman

Black Mask Challenge Pack — $1.99USD


  • Two new challenge maps

The Infinite Earths Skins Pack is $1 less expensive on Wii U ($4.99 on other platforms) as, like the skins pack before it, there's a multiplayer-only skin not available on Nintendo's system. There's also a multiplayer-focused DLC pack called Online Supply Drop #1 on other platforms.

In addition, an Initiation challenge map pack with "a little bit of a narrative to it" will be coming soon, with December the target; it'll feature a young Bruce Wayne proving himself against Ninja in a monastery.

For those that enjoyed the Harley Quinn's Revenge epilogue in Batman: Arkham City, a new extended story-based piece of DLC will arrive in 2014 to provide a boost to the single-player action. Ben Mattes, the game's senior producer, told Eurogamer the following.

It is in line with our angle of the origins - not necessarily of characters, but of key relationships. It is a DLC that will focus on one of the most key relationships in Batman canon.

Are you a fan of Arkham Origins and, if so, is any of this DLC tempting you to put down some more cash?


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Znerd said:

at least this game is getting the DLC on time unlike Injustice. seriously whats the deal netherrelm



DarkNinja9 said:

it sounds like it will be good so yeah i might just have to save up to make i get this o:



SetupDisk said:

"Beating on thugs while saying "I'm Batman" in a very deep voice is fun."

I thought I was the only one!



JudgeMethos said:

Good. I've beaten this game up, down, and sideways. Need some more stuff to beat up. Resident Evil Revelations, Lego Marvel Superheros, and Super Mario 3D World (which is a blast but almost completely done with it too).



Senate_Guard said:

Already bought the season pass, and enjoying all the Batsuit skins! (1st Appearance FTW!)

Hopefully "Initiation" isn't as barebones as it sounds. Its supposed to come with two more skins as well; Training Bruce Wayne and Vigilante Bruce Wayne. I wonder if the Vigilante one will be him wearing a black ski mask...

As for the unknown extra story. I noticed when I got the season pass it mentioned the skins, Initiation, and something called "Cold, Cold Heart."

Makes me think of Mr. Freeze off the bat. Could it be an unintentional reveal?



strongest_link said:

Already got the season pass. I didn't care for the Millennium Pack skins nor Gotham by Gaslight, but I am genuinely looking forward to the Long Halloween skin (not that skins are really that important). Hopefully the Black Mask Challenge will be worthwhile, but the narrative DLC is where I'm hoping this will really shine. If it has as much value as Harley Quinn's Revenge then I'll be pleased.



Gamer83 said:

From that quote I'm going to guess the story DLC is based around Batman and Catwoman's relationship. Not the biggest fan of that idea. I'll play it because I'm sure the combat and some scenarios will still be fun but there's other characters in the Batman universe that also need to be foucsed on besides Catwoman.



S7eventhHeaven said:

didnt anyone notice that when you finish the game it kinda seems unfinished and feels like its got more of a story to tell on on wii-u , ps3 and 360 and leaves you left a bit empty. apon popping the origins game in my 3ds the story started right from where the console game ended. so nintendo did get the love cuz its th only way to see what happens next on 3ds.



darklinkinfinite said:

I went back to finish Harley Quinn's Revenge after finishing Origins and I immediately missed all the little refinements introduced in origins. I also found out how Bland and Mediocre Harley Quinn's Revenge was. I certainly hope any story dlc in origins is several steps above that mess.

I kind of hope the dlc touches on Catwoman a little bit since Arkham City totally did her a disservice by just sticking her in some fluff missions to sell $10 online passes.

Some other things I'd love to see touched on in dlc might be Dick Grayson as Robin (He's Nightwing by Arkham City and Tim Drake's taken over as Robin), maybe taking Barbara Gordon a bit further down the Batgirl path (she has to have a crimefighting career and become Oracle by Arkham Asylum), and also touch on some of the other villains as well. I thought the Blackgate Escapees missions were a missed opportunity to silently sneak in some cameos like Zsasz, Maxie Zeus, or the Ventriloquist. There are a few villains I'd like to see Batman introduced to in some dlc, like Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, Mr Freeze, Harvey Dent turning into Two-Face, oh or they could re-introduce Sin Tzu as a rival to Ra's Al Ghul that Batman lands in the middle of. That could be neat.

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