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Bosses From Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Shown Off as Extras in Bravely Default

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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While the proof will be in the playing, there's some anticipation within the Nintendo Life team for Bravely Default, with the updated For the Sequel version — as it'll be known in Japan — arriving in Europe on 6th December and North America in 2014. Square Enix has provided details on tweaks to improve the gameplay and balancing, while worrying some with special attacks available as paid-DLC; the publisher has also been spilling the beans on some special bosses that'll be downloaded into the game — some will be from DS title Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.

If you have your wireless connection enabled, Lucifer and Beelzebub will be bosses that appear in Norende Village, a location that you gradually rebuild by utilising StreetPass; Mammon will also make an appearance. If you don't have an online connection you may receive these bosses via StreetPass, while their punishing difficulty means they'll thankfully be optional. Producer Tomoya Asano has told Famitsu that the balancing of these extra enemies is being tweaked to give the best experience possible.

Since they’re monsters you’ll be getting as content from outside the game, we’re currently thinking about how strong they should be. We’re thinking about having their strength match the current progress of the player. In the end, we plan on having monsters who are even stronger than the ‘Adventurers’.

These enemies won't be interacting with the story, as such, but are sure to please fans of the Final Fantasy DS title; it was a game we rated highly. Are you keen to face off with these deadly foes?


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Expa0 said:

I remember that Beelzebub. That fight was brutally difficult. I recall there being someway you could make the fight a lot easier though which I figured after dying to it about 6-8 times.

E: Oh yeah, the bosses ultimate attack hurted the boss itself for massive damage as well so you had to play defensively.



Cinaclov said:

I've been listening to the soundtrack for this recently, it's fantastic, I can't wait for the game to arrive . I'm still weighing up if it's worth spending the asked £90 on the special edition though... :/



unrandomsam said:

So people use the pay to win option .... (Potions or whatever they are).

I knew they would do something like this.



Rezalack said:

Man, I can't wait for this game. That octopus reminds me of a boss from Final Fantasy 3 (American SNES version). Atleast I think it was from that game.. feels like a classic FF boss, regardless.

...and you don't have to use the potions. No point in complaining about it, you're not forced to buy the crap and it's not an online game so you're not going to be affected by other players who do choose to use it.



Expa0 said:

I think his point is that they're going to make the bosses so unfairly challenging that most normal people would pretty much need to buy those potions.



CanisWolfred said:

If there was one thing to like about 4 Heroes of Light, it was its bosses. Looking forward to this.



Spoony_Tech said:

Can't wait as its sounding better everyday! Although I can't imagine getting too many street passes on this game. Hope that doesn't take away from building the town!



Windy said:

Were getting close! I cant wait! I started replaying Shin Megami Tensei IV for a new ending alongside playing Etrian Odyssey for the first time



unrandomsam said:

@SMEXIZELDAMAN Have you played the After Years ? (I played it just casually no guides never bothered with the challenge dungeons all the actual story and that is it). My options are get another 20 levels probably in order to not get one hitted my entire party by 2 bosses. I am already at about level 65 with 5 characters. Could probably do with another black mage but the only suitable one is at level 40. I can either start again and do the challenge dungeons or grind for 15 hours I estimate. (I have never had a problem with any other JRPG like this before). Think it is more likely to be like that 15 hours with no content just mindless grinding would be a great way to get people to pay to win.



Dpullam said:

I certainly have a good amount of anticipation built up for this game. I'm always looking for new RPG games to play on my Nintendo 3DS, and this could be just the ticket. It's too bad that those of us in the USA have to wait until next year, but I'll be patient. I can wait.



RR529 said:

Looking forward to it. If I play my cards right, this just may be my birthday game.



CanisWolfred said:

@unrandomsam 4 Heroes of Light (4HoL) is...different from Final Fantasy 4.

@retro_player_22 Considering it's not officially a Final Fantasy game, but a separate franchise, I doubt they'll ever do that. They can do that with 4 Heroes of Light because BD is a spiritual successor to it.



WYLD-WOO said:

BD sounds better day by day. I`ve not been this hyped since FE: Awakening. Great to hear content from 4HoL is included and shows BD is a successor to it. More news on this title please Nintendolife.

Yeah, 4HoL is...different from Final Fantasy 4.



Tasuki said:

Can't wait for this one sucks that NA has to wait till next year some time but I have other games to play in the meantime, its just that its been a long time since I played a good RPG.



unrandomsam said:

@CanisWolfred I never implied that Heroes of Light and FFIV were the same thing (Or at least didn't mean to). The After Years is designed to get you get all the DLC (And do the challenge dungeons that have no story and unreasonably good gear). Just trying to think of other instances where they have added stuff like this. Until these sort of things started to be added it was always reasonable.

(If you are getting hammered go do some sidequests. Now the goal is make you bored so you pay to win.)



WYLD-WOO said:

It`s about giving an option to someone that perhaps is not as good at the game or does not have the time. There is nothing worse than not being able to defeat an end boss.



CanisWolfred said:

@unrandomsam 1) Um, those things have been a Square-Enix thing for over a decade. You've obviously never played the bonus dungeons of any of the remakes before, have you? They all do that. They're all unreasonably challenging with stupidly good gear at the end. That was nothing new to the franchise at all. In fact, it's S-E's idea of making games better, apparently. Which is the only thing I'd worry about here, since this version is supposed to be "better".

2) As Drop-Dead-Fred mentioned, that option is there for people who aren't very good at the game. Nothing more.

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