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Are You Fast Enough to Enter the SteamWorld Dig Perfect Run Contest?

Posted by Darren Calvert

Be the best digger

In the months following the release of the excellent SteamWorld Dig on the 3DS eShop, our friends at Image & Form have had varying reports from fans about how quickly were able to complete the game. Some of these were so impressive that they have even caused CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson to question his own skill at playing the game.

To establish once and for all who is master digger, Image & Form have unveiled details for the SteamWorld Dig Perfect Run Contest.

The requirements for all four gold stars (the "perfect run") are as follows: 20000 gold, 150 orbs, zero deaths — in less than 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The best time wins the grand prize, which is to become the first person in the world other than Image & Form staff to play the next SteamWorld game — the winner will get their copy before anyone else (including even Nintendo Life!) — plus they will be immortalized in the credits section of that game. The winner and four runner-ups will also get snazzy t-shirts.

The contest closes on 20th November, so you had better start practising now. To enter the contest simply take a photo of the end screen and email it to

You might also wish to check out our video interview with Brjann Sigurgeirsson while you're at it:

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RupeeClock said:

That does sound pretty cool! It took me something like 5 and a half hours to beat the game, ended up having 4 deaths though.
That was only my first run, I definitely look forward to playing the game again.
Doing a perfect run like this though would probably take wandering through the dark a hell of a lot.



Undead_terror said:

Nope, I like to take my time, I wish that they release dlc for new worlds like the tundra, dessert, etc or let us create them.



unrandomsam said:

So when I finished it or so I thought it just went back to the title screen ? Have I not finished it ? Or did I skip the relevant part ?



Mollutje said:

Yeah.. not gonna do that. Such a feat would require a lot of tries I'm afraid.. And I don't like speedrunning anyway. I still think the game is awesome and I'm certainly going to be playing it again in the near future, but I'm not going to be the perfect digger.. well, perhaps I will get all four gold medals eventually, but with about six hours as my original time I highly doubt it.XD



ricklongo said:

I hate speed runs, especially in games such as this one, full of opportunities for thorough exploration. So I'm gonna pass.

But on another note, next SteamWorld game? Oh, do tell me more!



Klimbatize said:

My best run was earning a gold star on money, orbs, deaths (0 deaths), but finishing in I got the silver for time.

Now that I know the exact amount needed to hit the first three, maybe I could get under 2:30.



Windy said:

I'm too slow I tried playing Expert levels on TheatreRythm last night and man it's too fast for me. I think this would be the same thing. I definately have slowed down with age Speed runs and such kill me. I have SteamWorld but haven't got to it much with all these good games we got this year



unrandomsam said:

I wasn't trying to do it quickly (Just trying to make sure I didn't miss any orbs / ore). I didn't really want it to end. All that I got was the title screen again but it grey. (After a cutscene). After the only real boss in the game.



imageform said:

@unrandomsam Hi there! The stats are showing on the bottom screen after the last cutscene, while "Altered Rusty" is running endlessly through the desert night on the top screen... Had we been less of a rookie dev we would have thought up a way for you to access the stats after this, but it's only displayed there until you click it away. But it should stay on the screen while he's running. Fun to read your comments, and happy that so many are like me - I also enjoy the exploration more than the speed! As for what the next SteamWorld game will entail... I guess we'll tell the winner of the contest first, won't we? ;D



HappyHappyist said:

i beat the game in a couple hours during my first playthrough, and even less during my second. game was pretty short, but i'm okay with it because the game was made by an indie team, and the game is pretty fun for what it is. great game, but i'm never one to do speed-runs and perfect-runs, so the contest isn't for me.



LordGeovanni said:


Great game you have here. I think it was the last game I actually looked forward to on the eShop. Any chance you will have the next SteamWorld game on a similar idea? Or possible DLC? While I shy away from DLC usually, I could see you being able to implement DLC in different fashions like new types of mines with new enemies or having new mines with bosses at the end.

Only other thing I could say is if you went and combined them, you would be able to make mines about the length of one of the current three, could lock the abilities from the main game and unlock them through the skill mines, and the numbered mines would unlock specific abilities needed like the Drill or Steam Punch to be able to progress. Then there could be some kind of boss at the end to see if we can overcome that challenge. Unfortunately, I cannot think of any lasting reward to put toward the main game for completing this. DLC usually has some impact on the main game. Maybe this idea would be better added to a sequel?

Anyway, I do not think I would be able to do this speedrun. Before this article, I thought the gold medal would be under 4 HOURS. Not less than 2 and a half. I have no CLUE how to shave 100 minutes off my time. Does anyone have a Speedrun of this available to watch somewhere on this internet thing?



imageform said:

@LordGeovanni You should look up this guy Matt "Soup" Foley on the SteamWorld Dig page on Facebook (, he's the current leader - check with him if he'll share a tip or two! I doubt that we will create DLC for SteamWorld Dig, we have a hard time thinking up useful stuff. When we ever get around to making the SteamWorld Dig sequel, I'm sure we'll make it quite a bit longer.



imageform said:

This is what the current SteamWorld Dig Perfect Run Contest leader Matt Foley writes on our Facebook page:
"Portable teleports certainly help ;D Also: delaying buying stuff until drill upgrades are available is a big boost, as well as not investing in the internal furnace upgrades or ladders/lanterns. I pretty much took my 36 minute run and tacked on an extra 40 minutes of collecting."

Now, a guy that can speedrun SWD in 36 minutes obviously has something else up his sleeve...

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