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Limited Edition Luigi 2DS Is A Custom-Made Console, Not An Official Product

Posted by Damien McFerran

Rose Colored Gaming fools everyone, including us

We are so glad we used the "rumour" tag when we posted that story about a Luigi-themed 2DS console the other day. Although the photos looked utterly convincing and we — like most of the internet — were taken in by the green-and-white system, it transpires that it's not an official product, but a fan-made mod.

Matthew Wiggins — owner of Rose Colored Gaming, a site we've covered in the past — created the custom system for his own personal amusement, and shared photos with close friends.

As you can probably guess, those photos made it into the hands of other people, and an exciting rumour was born. Wiggins admits that he's flattered that people believed his work could be official, but adds that he hopes those same fans aren't too disappointed that the Luigi 2DS isn't going to be a reality.

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User Comments (36)



PuzzleMaster7 said:

I knew that it was too good be true. Well, at least there's still the Legend of Zelda 3DS XL right around the corner.



MJKOP said:

Wow good job, but I sorta thought nah, not a 2DS anyway. Looks great though, nice one!



Chris720 said:

Good troll. Maybe he should be apart of Nintendo's console department... Especially since he does such a good job giving them a makeover.



Kirk said:

I never liked the green d-pad and buttons on the front anyway.

The green edges, shoulder buttons and the embossed Luigi were pretty cool though.



TingLz said:

Why would Nintendo buy the design of their own product and mascot? They could just take it for free



Luna-Harmony said:

Wow stunning job this looks sooo good for a 2ds. Nintendo should talk to the guy and give him a cut for his idea and then mass produce.



TruenoGT said:

Wah wah... this might have gotten me to board the 2DS train, but I guess I'll wait until the inevitable crazy Japanese special editions in the years ahead...



sinalefa said:

Good thing it is not official, because I never liked it. Too white for my tastes.



Blue_Yoshi said:

My boy is actually good friends with Wiggy he says he's been quite busy lately since he just had a kid and is expanding his business. He told me the next time he came down to Cleveland he'd pick up a signed classic GBA with a backlight. Maybe if I'm lucky I could pick up one of those hoax 2DS's



Uberchu said:

Aww I was gonna buy this 2DS since I need another 3DS but don't want more 3D, if my other one works just fine.



LoveSugoi said:

It was a pretty neat mod, looked completely legit.

I hope Ninty does start pushing out cooler designs for the 2DS series. It would at least make up for the small flow of cool 3DS designs making their way overseas. Depending on how it turned out, I'd find a pink or Pikachu themed one hard to resist.



Antisham said:

Very nice! Luigi has a large fan base and considering if this was legit, it would be quite popular with DS users.



kevkeepsplaying said:

aw, but it would be great for Nintendo to take the idea and make a bunch more. I definitely want one, and I'm going to be keeping an eye on his site for updates on any possible selling of the modded 2DS.



X12 said:

Who knows, maybe Nintendo will make a Mario, Luigi, and other versions of the 2DS?

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