Minecraft Kanto

If we were to name a top ten, maybe even a top five, of the biggest franchises in the current gaming landscape, it's possible that both Minecraft and Pokemon would feature. Minecraft, and its ability to allow gamers to create their own worlds, has become a phenomenon, while the hype surrounding Pokémon X & Y is in danger of causing some fans to suffer meltdowns. So naturally combining the two franchises will happen somewhere out in the wonderful wilds of the internet.

YouTuber MediocreJake has done just that, by recreating the exterior Kanto locations (interiors are still being worked upon) from Pokémon Red and Blue in the hugely popular and super-blocky game; as the opening to the video shows, it took a lot of effort. The thought of the endeavour to pull this together does make our heads spin somewhat, and is clearly the work of a huge fan — of both franchises — ready to lay down a large part of his life in the cause.

Check it out below and marvel at its crazy but loving attention to detail.

[via kotaku.com]