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The Nebula of NES Games Is An Infographic Done Right

Posted by Damien McFerran

A galaxy of classics

Despite the best intentions of the designer, infographics can often be monumentally dull affairs. Thankfully that isn't true with Pop Chart Lab's The Nebula of NES Games, a visual representation of more than 700 Nintendo Entertainment System titles, all neatly arranged in a swirling formation.

The spiral advances chronologically from the middle, and each "arm" represents a different genre: platformer, fighting game, sports, RPG — and so on.

Pop Chart founder and editorial director Patrick Mulligan explains the reasoning behind this unique infographic:

We originally designed this as a standard timeline with the years on the y-axis. However, it took up a ton of space and there was a lot of dead air throughout the chart. We then started investigating ways to pack the information more densely and eventually hit on the spiral. Once we stepped back and looked it, we realized it looked like a galactic spiral, and that informed our design treatment.

The biggest category by raw count is 'platformers' and 'side-scrollers. It also became the default way to adapt another property into an NES game. Need a Robocop game? Make a side-scroller. Flintstones game? Side-scroller. Nightmare on Elm Street game? Side-scroller.

You can purchase this 24" x 36" print for $32 direct from Pop Chart Lab.


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FiveDigitLP said:

That's a really cool idea for an infographic. I'd like to see this done with the SNES or N64. I'd be able to recognize more games on those...



dudey300 said:

This is pretty great! Shipping isn't too bad to Ireland. Might be a treat from me to me this Christmas!



onlyaman said:

Is it me, or is the graphic for Mario Bros. incorrect? That looks a lot like Super Mario Bros. Maybe they just left out the "Super"? Confusing



unrandomsam said:

Only thing I am interested in about the NES is which games have no better version (DuckTales NES is one) and have stood the test of time.

Or other information that is less easy to get (Which texture chip they use).



Nintendood said:

They've corrected it now, on their site, by adding the 'Super' to Mario Bros.

I like the design and everything, but it's unfortunate that the screenshots aren't from the original genuine carts in an actual NES. I'm basing my judgement on the extra smooth rendering, lack of sharp edges, and totally non-pixelated look.



ogo79 said:

well i just ordered this poster, thanks to NL, other wise i wouldnt have found out about it.

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