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Weirdness: If You Always Wanted a Gold DuckTales NES Cartridge, Now's Your Chance

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Sing or draw to win, it's up to you

DuckTales: Remastered is now gracing the Wii U eShop, giving the NES classic a HD makeover and the odd extra feature. Capcom isn't quite finished promoting the multi-platform release — mainly due to the fact it's yet to arrive on the Xbox 360 — so has launched a rather intriguing contest for eager collectors. Every weekday up until 11th September — the 360 release date — Capcom Unity will be giving away at least one tin lunchbox per day. It contains "shredded one dollar bills" — probably not actual money! — some promotional guff and, most intriguingly, a functional gold NES cartridge of the original DuckTales.

These packages were originally given out to some members of the press, and with just 150 produced the remainder are now there to be won. There are two ways to go about it, with the first being to record yourself singing the DuckTales theme tune, which you can do at this official page. Below is some footage of others doing so in public, and having a jolly time while they're at it.

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Alternatively you can produce some drawings and email them to with "DuckTales Art" as the subject line, with the following rules:

Don’t wanna sing? That’s cool, maybe you’re a more visual person. We want you to

A) Insert the DuckTales gang into classic Capcom box art, and/or…
B) Duckify you a Capcom character or characters! Make Ryu, Mega Man, Arthur, etc., look like they’d fit in perfectly on the streets of Duckburg.

So there you have it, with at least one of these kits being given away every weekday until 11th September there are plenty of opportunities, as long as you're in North America or Europe. Check out the kit and gold cartridge in the video below; will you be entering the contest?

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KeithTheGeek said:

Ah man, another art contest. Problem is I'm likely to be goofing around in my free time, playing games or something. Perhaps I can knock something out before the 11th, then.



unrandomsam said:

I would prefer just the original rom on 3DS VC.

I don't own a NES and I don't have any interest in getting one at this point.



unrandomsam said:

It is interesting though that this site gave the original NES game 9/10 but the remake only 8/10.

(Makes a great deal of sense as some of the best parts have been dumbed down and all that cutscene nonsense has been put in).



AlexSora89 said:

Currently drawing the official group shot of the MegaMan 10 cast with beaks, feathers and duck feet. Just so you know.



Marr_the_Great said:

As an artist and a fan of Duck Tales and Capcom I have just this to say:

Challenge accepted, you mavericks.



Obito_Sigma said:

I was won over when it said "Now's your chance to get a Gold Ducktales NES Cartridge." I was lost when it said "record yourself singing the Ducktales theme tune. Got won over again when I read "Don’t wanna sing?" and then lost it again when I read "draw."

Why do you always have to be "creative" in order to win something. Can't it just be a lucky raffle or a questionnaire? The artistic noob who knows nothing about Ducktales but would just participate because "why the heck not" would probably just pick their nose with the cartridge or sell it on Ebay for $20.



unrandomsam said:

@ScroogeMcLz It is relevant but it shouldn't be. (You have made me realise exactly why I liked Super Play though. One person wrote the review the rest wrote a few lines and the final score had input from all of them. Famitsu is useful because of the 4 scores. Works best if most of the reviewers have similar tastes as well.)
Reading every review and seeing whether I agree with other reviews by the same reviewer won't be helpful for me I shouldn't think.



murphy77 said:

lol there sticker on there ducktales game is already comming off thats gotta suck



ogo79 said:

if the cart was solid gold id be up for buying a few.
is there anyone here who can make a solid gold nes game? i need help asap

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