A week ago we told you that Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed hidden memos in Pikmin 3 by posting on the game's announcement community on Miiverse. These ten secret memos are scattered throughout the game, and the numbers contained within combine to form a code; at that point the legendary Designer teased that he'd "be in touch again" with details of how to use that code.

Miyamoto-san has now posted another message with those details, with a URL that has to be visited using the Wii U's web browser; when you input the code you can view special Expedition Logs.

So there you have it, an incentive to hunt down those memos. Some of the Expedition Logs have already been posted online, but as we're rather old-fashioned we think there should be some joy in the discovery; happy hunting!

Have you got the secret memos, and do you have a code to look at this extra content? Let us know, but try to avoid over-enthusiastic spoilers, please.

[via miiverse.nintendo.net]