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Shigeru Miyamoto Points the Way to Uncovering Pikmin 3's Hidden Secrets

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

You still have plenty of hard work ahead

A week ago we told you that Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed hidden memos in Pikmin 3 by posting on the game's announcement community on Miiverse. These ten secret memos are scattered throughout the game, and the numbers contained within combine to form a code; at that point the legendary Designer teased that he'd "be in touch again" with details of how to use that code.

Miyamoto-san has now posted another message with those details, with a URL that has to be visited using the Wii U's web browser; when you input the code you can view special Expedition Logs.

So there you have it, an incentive to hunt down those memos. Some of the Expedition Logs have already been posted online, but as we're rather old-fashioned we think there should be some joy in the discovery; happy hunting!

Have you got the secret memos, and do you have a code to look at this extra content? Let us know, but try to avoid over-enthusiastic spoilers, please.


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TOMBOY25 said:

GAMEXPLAIN has all the vids uploaded on their youtube.
kinda dissapointing really.



Whopper744 said:

I'm doing it the old fashion way for sure. I love to see things like this hidden in his games. Too bad the internet ruins so much for people though sometimes by accident.



darkev9001 said:

what sucks for me though is that in my small town, pikmin 3 wasn't even on the shelves this morning when i went to buy it, time for a 25 min. trip to a video games store



BossBattles said:

Amazing game you couldn't experience on another console without the gamepad interaction.



Grubdog said:

It's a really fun game to explore in, I found them all quite easily just by being curious. Really looking forward to any DLC announcements now, I've already beaten Story Mode twice and got every Platinum medal (50 hours play time). Such an amazing game, all they really need to do is slightly alter the Mission Mode layouts and i'll have completely new strategies to think up. There's so many ways they could add content, the videos are a cool hint at some kind of second adventure. I want to play this game forever.



Whopper744 said:

I have no idea what you get for finding them, but even if it is just something little like a special note or something, I'm happy with that. I think everyone expects a lot from these kind of things though. Little things like that seemed to use to mean more on games that were on the NES and such. I know games are bigger now, but you kinda get to missing the simple stuff at times.



Captain_Gonru said:

@Kodeen Sadly, I think this is the case with just about every celebrity on every social media outlet, when it's an "official" account, at least.



ednice said:

I was hoping it would be something in-game but this is fine too at least now I won't be hesitant to delete my save



ednice said:

Now this is just a theory but in that part where Louie is running from the bees seems to be playable.DLC perhaps



Zellybeanie said:

I almost forgot how frustrating Pikmin could be... if you're trying to keep them all alive.

**grinds her teeth**



Holly said:

@Joshers744 Too true. But it's good that most of us still try to maintain the joy of discovering hidden secrets by avoiding certain places on the internet.



JaxonH said:

And yet, the secret videos being online didn't stop Miamoto from including them. More and more I'm beginning to think Sakurai's excuse about cutscenes being omitted from Smash Bros 4 due to them being uploaded on Youtube is a ruse, a lie to cover the fact they're under time constraints and cutscenes were next on the chopping block after a few characters.



BestBuck15 said:

After saying I wouldn't be buying Pikmin 3 I went into my local gamestop and seen it was only €40 so I bought it. I'm finding it a challenge I like it. All other Wii U games in gamestop are €60 maybe this is a move by Nintendo to get Wii U moving, if it is I'm all for cheaper games and it would be a good move.



Davidiam007 said:

@JaxonH two different stories. The ones for pikmin were posted after the game was finished were as for ssmb 4,the cutscenes were posted before the game was completed.



JaxonH said:


Oh, I didn't know that

Still, whether the game is released yet or not should be irrelevant, right? I mean, anyone who would pass on an excellent game just because they could see the game's cutscenes online before it came out, probably wouldn't be pre ordering that game anyways. They'd just wait til the game was out and watch the cutscenes then.

I guess my point is, if a person is willing to skip a game because they can watch the cutscenes on Youtube, they're going to do it regardless. Whether before the game is out, or after. Either way, they're going to watch those cutscenes and skip the game. Does that make sense at all?



Davidiam007 said:

@JaxonH which I agree to, but I guess what Sakurai's was upset about and the reason he cut them was because now the suprise is gone so why take up memory when it could be used for something else.



nik1470 said:

A week and a half of holiday and I can finally get this game, will be hunting down secrets on my second play through!



IKAY said:

How do I get the right combination? Traditionally from right top? I think I should play it again to get the last remaining numbers. Hope its worth it.



Le_Gazman said:

I've finished the game and entered my code and am still confused. How can there be 5 videos if I only get one code? Are we supposed to exchange codes or is there some fancy way to rejig them?



Araknie said:

@TOMBOY25 Yeah, i hate too that nowadays we get all this things posted on youtube spoiling the simple fun of discovering something new, whatever it is.

(don't take it seriously)

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