With Pikmin 3 already preoccupying Wii U gamers in Europe and all set to do the same in North America, it seems that there are some hidden treats to hunt out. Shigeru Miyamoto has updated the game's announcement community on Miiverse to state that secret memos hidden throughout the game will actually reveal a code, though the famous designer is holding back on further details.

Below is the full post, as Miyamoto-san pulls us in with promises of secrets before teasing us with a future reveal.

Miyamoto Miiverse

Even if you have the memos and the numbers, it's still unclear how to use them and what they do. No doubt the online community will get to work, however, and it's a question of whether the code can be broken before Miyamoto-san reveals more.

Have you found any secret memos in Pikmin 3, or do you even have the foggiest idea of what the code could be?

[source polygon.com, via miiverse.nintendo.net]