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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams May Get A Patch To Solve GamePad Audio Problems

Posted by Andy Green

Black Forest Games is aware of the issue

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams was finally released into the Wii U eShop last week in Europe, while North America is still waiting.

Unfortunately, some of the people who downloaded the game have reported sound issues with the GamePad when taking the gameplay off the TV.

Fortunately, the developer Black Forest Games is aware of the problem and has revealed on Twitter it is currently considering a patch:

Hopefully the problems will be rectified as off-TV play is a great feature so many people love to use.

Our Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams review will be emerging soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Have you been experiencing audio issues? Let us know in the comment section below.


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mike_intv said:

Considering? Given that off-TV play is such a selling point, I would think it would be preparing a patch (or at least investigating if one can be done to fix that particular issue).



sinalefa said:

I did not even know this was already out. I think I will wait for that patch.



bofis said:

Hope this means the US version will be fixed by the time it comes out...



AyeHaley said:

I hope they fix it cause I can't play and listen to that awesome soundtrack with my GamePad in bed. ; ;



Katzii said:

I almost lament not waiting for the Wii U version because this game is hard as nails and I could do with that Easy Mode!!



lebad said:

what is the issue? headphones could be used without issues? it seems to be a good game so it will not stop me to get it ;-D



Kifa said:

Wait, so the audio in the game works fine on TV, but is not working at all on the Gamepad? I thought that Wii U SDK provided ready-to-use streaming routines that simply dump the stuff onto the device via wireless and that's it. Somebody didn't bother to read the manual or what?

I'm still probably gonna get the game on my Wii U (off-TV mode is pretty much irrelevant to me as I never use it), but it would be good to know more about the issue first...

And... Yeah. "We have released a broken game, and we may or may not patch it. You already paid us, so bleep you, gamers!" -_-'



MeWario said:

Is this game any good? I'm really interested in it, but there's not a lot of reviews out there for it. Looking forward to Nintendo life's review!



SparkOfSpirit said:

I think they mean 'considering' as in considering if the one they are working on is fit to release yet.



WaveGhoul said:

They should come up with a patch to make the game run in proper 60fps, tweak the crappy controls and actually make it somewhat fun..



WiiLovePeace said:

I ain't buying it until they fix the audio, I always use Off-TV mode so I'm glad I didn't buy this game day 1.



Sceptic said:

It's easily the best game I have on WiiU. Best 20 bucks I've spent on this platform.

You nit-pickers that won't support an indie developer going out on a limb for our measly low-circulation platform because of a few little release bugs need a reality check. You and your attitude are partly why this platform has so few games. Beggars can't be choosy, and here you're getting a fantastic game that is 98% perfect. As opposed to nothing at all. What is it you want, exactly? Because it seems that what you want is nothing you're ever - ever - going to get on this platform.

Why should a developer even bother with WiiU if every time one does, there's a vocal minority that bad-mouths their efforts all over the internet because it's not 100% where they feel it should be. These are devs with very shallow pockets pulling Nintendo's cart out of the pile of crap they dropped it in.

If you are ever going to buy it, buy it now and show some support. Show them there is a market. Hold back on the big bucks developers and the truly flawed proucts if you must, not the indie efforts that launch with maybe a few rough edges.



Kifa said:

@Sceptic I beg your pardon, "beggars"? You're telling me that I'm supposed to buy every single one indie game regardless of any problems it migh have just because I need to support the platform? Sorry, but you are so horribly wrong that I don't even know how to begin arguing with that stance...

First of all - I earned the money, I decide on what to spend. And I have right to demand something from every developer out there, be it indie or otherwise. I am a gamer, not a charity organisation, and I am certainly not obliged in any way to buy flawed (we get to that in a moment) games just to make developers feel good about any particular console those games are released on. Nobody right in the head does that. Same goes for blindly buying every game out there just to make the console look more attractive sales-wise is equally stupid. People don't have money to spend on flawed products, at least I don't. And that does not make me a "beggar".

I agree that being particularly picky about anything, not just games, is bad and irresponsible. I don't mind the lack of 60 fps all that much in this game, and the controls seemed tight on the old PC beta-demo I've played. However in this particular case we are talking about a bug that breaks key functionality the Wii U is advertised with - off-TV play. It's not just being "rough around the edges", it's a flaw in the key aspect of the game, important to many as evidenced by various comments and forum entries, not just here on Nintendolife and not only regarding this particular game. This is not being "picky", this is demanding that the basics are working well. And they are not. If someone is a major off-TV player, you can't blame them for not buying a game that has this broken.

All that said I'm still interested in Giana Sisters, because it invokes many memories from my childhood and playing the original Giana Sisters on Commodore 64. But if I ever happen to review the game (for a local Nintendo community site I sometimes write something for) I am certainly discuss every problem this game might have and it's weight on the overall experience. Everyone plays by the same rules.



Will-75 said:

@Sceptic Well said I could not agree more sometimes I think there are only critics with their critical criticism and no one playing video games cause they are fun !



daznsaz said:

they cant just consider,i paid good money for it.playing with no sound is crap.ive been playing runner2 on my pad instead.can still play on tv but,just patch it



unrandomsam said:

This game is not high enough quality for me at 30fps. (Steam version).

Only way to get speed is to use the rocket knight like move but it is not tight enough to do it accurately.

Cloudberry Kingdom is similar as is DuckTales.

Spelunky is perfect. (Shows analog controls can work for these type of games if you do it right.)

So is Bionic Commando Rearmed.

Super Meatboy at least doesn't compromise. (Dark World is difficult without using the dpad and The Kid).

I don't like this dev anyway as soon as this was finished they just did another kickstarter. (Surely they should be able to finance it from the profits if it was successful).

Reviews should include 30fps / 60fps (Trine 2 is only playable for me at 60fps - afaik there is no way to run this at 60fps - the dev's own youtube demo looks as sloppy as it does on my computer).



unrandomsam said:

(Interestingly enough most of the ones I like are XNA not Unity3D. The other ones I like are their own engine).

Not sure why that might be. (Maybe they don't provide any stuff for actually doing the collision detection and stuff properly).

(At least me paying steam prices means I only need one in 5 really good games to spend the same as one eshop or Niaclis title).



Sceptic said:

@Kifa: It's a figure of speech. What you make of it is up to you, but "supporting the platform" is not about frenetically cheering every time Iwata takes a dump, but it may be about giving a developer that has put in some serious effort into our little platform the benefit of the doubt that they will fix what little still needs fixing. And maybe generating them the revenue they need to pay the salary of the guy that should fix it.

I'm the last one to say anybody should buy anything for the sake of generating sales, but here we have a Mario-quality game (arguably better) for a small fraction of the price and people are going "yeah, but, um, what about when I want to play after bedtime?".

Everybody plays by the same rules? So do you hold Mario games to a four-times higher standard due to its price? Or maybe ten times, because additionally it's an established franchise where most of the content is kind of a given? I'd like to see that.

They're on it. They'll fix it. This is a great game from a small developer that deserves your support. But yeah, instead, let's complain about some little bug we found (wow, be careful, I saw some flickering elevators too! I refuse to enjoy this game until that is fixed.) and bicker about the great EA conspiracy to kill the WiiU. Complain away. Nintendo is totally on it so there's nothing to worry.



Dipso said:

Its a carefully worded tweet. Note that he says "depending on how it works on the system" They probably don't know what the patching/ patch submission process on the wiiU is yet, and don't want to make promises they can't keep. Seeing as other devs, have released patches, I say this is going to happen.



Kifa said:

@Sceptic You are contradicting yourself in saying that by applying same rules to everyone I hold Mario to x-times higher standards than indie games. And you are clearly getting what I'm saying the wrong way.

By "the same rules" I mean that no matter how much I pay for the game, be it 3 euro or 30, I demand one thing at least - that the game is free from any major technical glitches. Major glitches include lack of sound in off-TV mode, performance issues, crashes, freezes, broken controls etc. It does not matter how much effort anyone put in the game - if it does not work on basic technical level, it simply can't be fun. That's it.

I am not saying that I apply the same content/complexity/art quality/whatever-else standards to every game category. That would be idiotic. But I don't think I don't get to demand anything from an independet developer. Putting effort into something is not enough to be praised for it - I have learned that from life the hard way, and I apply that to everything.

Ah, yea, as for Mario - since I bought Wii (my first home console since NES), I have got only two games from the franchise - Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D Land, because I felst that only those are up to snuff and actually try to bring something fresh to the series. Just in case you were still interested. ;]

@Dipso Come to think of it, you may be right. Guess a "critic full of critical criticism" (thanks, @Will-75, a wonderful phrase ) such as me will always read stuff the way he or she wants them to be... :] And from what I've heard, submitting a patch on Wii U is far easier than on any other platform, and does not cost a cent, so they might fix it sooner than we think.

@unrandomsam Depends on taste, really. Every game benefits from 60FPS mode, but that's not necessarily needed in all cases. Racing games are one example of a genre that simply should never be run at 30, and yet we are constantly bombarded by games which do run at that speed, expecially from the "big" publishers. I remember that the early demo of Giana Sisters ran terribly on my powerful PC, so it might just be bad coding on their part. Still if the game keeps at 30 at all times, it's good, because for example I am quite annoyed by "The Wonderful 101"'s constant framerate fluctuations. But again, a matter of taste.



Sceptic said:

@Kifa: What I meant is: If $20 gets me this, $80 should get me something a lot better, but it doesn't. How do you rate that fact fairly? On an $80 scale every bug or imperfection rates a lot higher than on a $20 scale. At least in my book.

I'm not saying don't demand quality from indies, I'm saying cut those People some slack that unlike bigger studios - or God forbid, Nintendo - are taking a tremendous and very real personal financial risk in developing for this platform at all. It's all about money, and for them it's not just profit, it's lunch.



DiSTANToblivion said:

Well that's good, I'm quite enjoying this game so far. There are audio issues beyond the off-TV Gamepad though.

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