A relatively common occurrence, and one that a lot of large companies confront on a regular basis, is the issue of cybersquatters that buy up common URL addresses in the hope that they'll subsequently make money selling them to the parties concerned. The likes of Nintendo and its rivals resist buying up addresses early for fear of names being leaked and products revealed ahead of time, which certainly happens regularly.

Nintendo's latest battle to claim a bought-up web address has failed, with the World Intellectual Property Organization finding against the company in its attempts to be awarded WiiU.com. That leaves Nintendo in a position where it'll likely have to negotiate a fee with the owners to acquire the address, which is especially frustrating as the URL was up for auction in February anyway, which was the time that Nintendo raised its objection.

It's not the first time Nintendo has battled for a URL, yet this one was bizarrely registered way back in 2004, perhaps explaining why Nintendo's claim has been rejected. As Eurogamer reports, Nintendo previously failed to win the award of the already-owned Wii.com in 2006, and ultimately had to pay the owners a fee suggested to be six figures.

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