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Nintendo Direct: Denpa Men 3 And Chibi-Robo AR App Confirmed In Japanese Broadcast

Posted by Damien McFerran

That was a surprise

Nintendo has unleashed a totally unexpected Chotto Nintendo Direct broadcast which showcases The Denpa Men 3 — the next in the series of popular 3DS eShop RPGs — and Chibi-Robo Live Action!, an Augmented Reality app which tasks players with snapping real-world items to match outlines within the game.

The Denpa Men 3 includes a raft of new features, including the ability to create a house for your characters and recruit monsters to fight for you. You'll also be able to import your characters from the previous two games — both of which will be subject to a 50 percent discount promotion. A demo is hitting the Japanese 3DS eShop on July 31st, with the final game launching on August 7th for 1000 Yen.

Chibi-Robo Live Action! is based around mini-games which make use of the 3DS console's camera. It's available in Japan right now, and there's also a demo on offer.

The broadcast also included details on a new video streaming app from YNN for the Wii U console, a Demae-Can food ordering service, a Bandai Anime channel and finally a rather cool limited edition Chibi-Robo Wii U system.

Phew! You can check out the full video below.

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Peach64 said:

I posted this in the forum, but I saw the headline about chibi robo last night on Kotaku and got so excited... then saw it was an AR game. Pretty typical of the direction Nintendo is going though. I'll just have to play the cube one again.



BriBri said:

Please can you correct the headline as Chibi Robo is a full game that makes use of Augmented Reality. It is not simply an 'AR app'. Thanks!



KeeperBvK said:

Well then, you're free to leave. Nintendolife is doing their job just fine and they're properly reporting on the big picture. Stop whining, please.



Geonjaha said:

They really are milking the Denpa Men for all its worth aren't they? Didn't want to pick up the second one myself - the first one was too dull.



Dizzard said:

The Chibi Robo games looks fun, even though AR is often a bit iffy for me.

I've never played a Chibi Robo game before, but have always wanted to. I think this has a fair chance of making it over here....considering Nintendo want to bring more games to western audiences, it doesn't look like a text heavy game and it'll be on the eShop, which is the perfect home for niche titles.

On another note, I would love to see Chibi Robo appear in smash bros. Before today that probably would have been very unlikely...but now there's a slight chance.



rjejr said:

The Denpa Men game looks like a cross between Windwaker and Animal Crossing being invaded by Pokemon. I think the people making it are having too much fun

That Chibi Robo game looks really good. But the WiiU Gamepad could really use a rear camera to make games like this and DenpaMen. Why does the 3DS keep getting all the good games?!!?

Rest was all in Japanese so I'm lost in translation.

Edit - wrong about the camera now, watched it 5 times, not sure what the heck is going on.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I want a real Chibi-Robo game. Even if it's just the original GC game released into the eShop...I never got the chance to play that one and it looked so cool.



Captain_Toad said:

@100Dylman Nintendo Life is shocked because they "only" post bad news about Nintendo and while good news is "rare" these days?
Unfortunately, that's how news works around here it happens at is happens, they're only here to post it.
As the old saying goes, "Don't shoot the messenger."
Any proof of news tweaking?

And um, Yeah baby! Denpa men 3.



devilwaffle said:

I don't suppose this means we have another chance to get a Chibi Robo in America again, right?



Toodles said:

Hooray for more Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol was a really excellent time-killer on the DS. Many hours sucked away by that game back in the day! Shame we never got the second DS Chibi-Robo game in America. Perhaps this one will correct that?



RR529 said:

Even though they've released a lot of Denpa Men games in short succession, at least they add major additions to each release.

The second added an overworld, minigames, and online multiplayer. The third is adding that monster recruitment system, and a customizable home.

It shows they're committed to making each new entry feel new.



uximal said:

I plan on purchasing Denpa Men 2 before 3 becomes available in the eShop, Its a series that is slowly becoming a favorite.

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