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Former Codemasters Boss: Don't Rule Nintendo Out

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Nintendo has always been a pioneer and has always been innovative"

Yesterday we posted a video interview with David Darling, one of the founders of UK studio Codemasters. We chatted about his time with the company responsible for such hits as Micro Machines and BMX Simulator, but also (off-camera) touched briefly on the topic of Nintendo's current fortunes.

Darling has a unique perspective on the industry as it stands how, as he's currently working hard at mobile developer Kwalee, where he and his team are creating multiplayer-focused titles for iOS and Android. When quizzed about Nintendo's problems with the Wii U, Darling was keen to point out that the Japanese veteran has a habit of pulling ground-breaking concepts out of nowhere:

The original Wii was really innovative and Nintendo could very well do something like that again in the living room.

Nintendo has always been a pioneer and has always been innovative, so there's a good chance it will continue to do that.

Interestingly, Darling suggested that the firm could potentially do something with mind control, an interface method that sounds outlandish but is currently being researched at Warwick University — just down the road from Kwalee's Leamington Spa offices. Given that Nintendo has already experimented with the Vitality Sensor, perhaps using the power of your mind is the next logical step for the firm?

The Wii U is a long way off being finished, but do you think that Nintendo's next machine could be another revolution in the same way the Wii was? Or have we not seen everything the Wii U is capable of yet? Post a comment to share your feelings.

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TruenoGT said:

Unless they go fire sale, I think the Wii U ship has probably sailed for the non-gaming set (i.e a big part of the Wii audience). It's too expensive and the concept too hard to demonstrate for anyone but existing gamers to appreciate in my opinion. If they go portable only with a TV dock for home next time around, I think they've got a shot.

Regarding mind control, I can't imagine it being more than a novelty that works with only a couple genres (similar to the Kinect) unless there are dramatic improvements beyond what's happening now.



smashbrolink said:

If they find a way of allowing us to do mind control for fighting games, it's going to be a huge deal......
Imagine a game that reacts as fast as you think as you fight each other......


I know this reference might not make the most sense to everyone, but if you've ever read the Manga called Yureka......




Peach64 said:

I went to Warick University! I did Economics though, not mind control studies



DePapier said:

@smashbrolink I started reading Yureka!! (Before my brother lost my mangas...) There is also the French manga called DreamLand that comes to mind, imagine dreaming multiplayer videogames!!



b23cdq said:

Mind control.



element187 said:

controlling games with mind control... it would probably make Pikmin a pretty epic series.



Kirby3ds said:

It's cool but kind of creepy in the same way.. Mind controlling? Wow. You know why can't they just give us a hardcore console with hardware that's not outdated? Cool though.



eza said:

A few years ago I got a 'Neural Impulse Actuator', made by OCZ but now discontinued:
It works, but it's really hard to use without a lot of time-consuming training.

This was released several years ago, so it's possible to do right now, and I'm sure the technology has improved a lot since the NIA came out.



Dambuster said:

I'm glad my wii u can't read my thoughts, yesterday after playing for 20 hours zombi u glitched and got stuck, I had to start again. so the thoughts I was having would have blown my wii u sky high. (anyone remember the nintendo seal of quality?)



Ichiban said:

I was talking to a friend who works at the game department at JB-HI Fi today, and we were discussing how there really isn't any must have games for the PS4 or XB1 at launch. He is looking forward to picking up a Wii U later in the year for all the Christmas releases, plus is stoked to play Pikmin 3. He's a gamer, not a fanboy mind you.
Then I went to EB games and the staff were discussing Pikmin 3, so of course I joined in on the conversation. None of the staff owned a Wii U, but were also planning on picking one up (over a new PS4/XB1 mind you) when the heavy hitters arrive. They were hanging off my every word as I told them my impressions of Pikmin 3 too!
The interest is there.......your move Nintendo!



dimi said:

Only mind controlled people will continue to buy WII U .... They almost threw away the selling feature of Wii (Wiimote) for this ...tablet nobody likes. Its obviously people dont care about the tablet. Nintendo should develop more Wii U Mote games like Nintendo Play 2 etc.

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