David Darling, CBE

Codemasters is one of the UK's long-running video game studios and was founded by brothers David and Richard Darling way back in 1986. Although both have since parted company with the firm, they've left an incredible legacy which covers a variety of platforms, including the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.

We were immensely grateful to be able to spend some time with David Darling at the offices of his new company, Kwalee. In the following interview, David talks about how Codemasters became involved with the NES, how it came up with the concept for Micro Machines and how it changed US law with the ground-breaking Game Genie cheat cartridge.

Apologies for the poor sound quality and the interruption of a police siren at one point — the room in which the interview was conducted was very hot owing to the unnaturally balmy UK weather at present, so all the windows had to be left open.

[source youtube.com]