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Flipnote Studio 3D European Release is Delayed

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Will be reanimated soon

Some of you may be wondering where the European Nintendo Download Update is, and we've been wondering the same thing. This week's details haven't been forthcoming at the usual time, and we now understand why that may be the case. Flipnote Studio 3D, which was originally due out this week in Europe, has been delayed.

Nintendo UK has announced the delay on Twitter, saying the following.

In subsequent details Nintendo UK stated that "due to unexpectedly high levels of user activity since the launch of the application in Japan on 24th July, we decided to postpone our European launch until we can deliver the best possible service to users."

So there you have it, and we'll keep an eye out for an update; the North American release is still pegged for "early August", so we'll soon see when that's due. With a new online service and in-app coin economy to set up, it seems that this project will need to wait.

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Beta said:

Full official statement:
"Nintendo of Europe regrets to announce that Flipnote Studio 3D, originally due for a European launch on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS on 1st August, will be delayed. Due to unexpectedly high levels of user activity since the launch of the application in Japan on 24th July, we decided to postpone our European launch until we can deliver the best possible service to users. We apologise for any inconvenience this delay may cause, and will announce a new launch date as soon as possible."

For those who are disappointed, you really want a bug fest here? Seriously, people?



Rizsparky said:

@Beta That's not the point, it's a free app that almost every 3DS owner with an internet connection will download, they should have foreseen the server load beforehand.



AlexSora89 said:

[the following all-caps screams need to be read with either the Nostalgia Critic's or JonTron's voice, take your pick]
deep breath
Oh, wait. This means I have more time for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros, when I get my hands on them (hopefully) next monday. I can live with that.
Also, @Beta is absolutely right. Thankfully there's a Jiminy Cricket-y user in each newspost, acting as our conscience (no sarcasm here).



siavm said:

@Rizsparky this is also a free app that you don't have to pay for. So less complaining and more waiting is nice.



Beta said:

@Rizsparky So what? A few problems came up, why do we care? It's not like the 3DS is in a desert of games. I have a lot of games I don't have the time to catch-up with from the flood of games every month. Patience won't hurt anyone and nobody will die from waiting a few days, even weeks, it's not the world's end and there's absolutely zero reason to work yourself up on something like this.

@AlexSora89 Even when you say there's no sarcasm, I still feel it's hidden somewhere, but thanks XD



DavidH said:

I see, took me an absolute age to try and log in here via IE (don't know if there's a problem) or I would have posted it sooner. Gave up in the end and used Chrome.
I'm just impatient for news of the update, like most gamers



AlexSora89 said:

@ Beta: I wasn't kidding. There was NO sarcasm in what I said. Besides, your avatar - as you can tell by my username - was already enough to say you were right. xD



ned90nerf said:

Gosh Nintendo. I'm in the US, and I'm already know, it's not coming out in EARLY August. chances are in September (school starts). But its OK. I can wait a year.



AlexSora89 said:

@ Beta: There aren't enough KH fans, ever. And yes, off-topic comment - I'm still mad about the partial localization of KH3D, even though I know English well enough.



ned90nerf said:

Did Nintendo have this trouble with the Nintendo DSi version? I didn't get a DSi until 2012



MF_MaxiMillion said:

@ned90nerf I remember they kept delaying the release of Flipnote Studio all the way 'till the end of Summer. And I'm pretty sure the Japanese version came out way before that, so yeah... Nintendo be holding out on the goods, as usual.



SuperSah said:

Was it not obvious to Nintendo that a FREE app about animation would draw a massive sever overload?

This could of easily been prevented.



ned90nerf said:

@SuperSah That prevention could have easily delayed Nintendo more. In that though it would be relative and we wouldn't even care because of the fact that its relative. In this I say, just wait. They could have made a minor miscalculation the became a major set back



Beta said:

@AlexSora89 The games almost NEVER have subtitles for my mother language, so I get what you mean. And that's one of the main reasons of how I can speak to you in English right now. XD But I wouldn't mind (and I don't think anyone would) if they game us KHIII on Wii U even if it was English-only :/



Cloud-San-VII said:

As much as I hate to say it: .............Yay?

I mean it's too bad it's delayed, but good because that means you don't have to worry about (as many) bugs.

As for NoA (which has been getting on my nerves about many things for quite some time)..............................

I really should be downloading it on my JP 3DS (which set me back about $100 somewhat), but I don't want to pay for it.... Man are we in a conundrum...



CargoSushiimira said:

Love dis poopiedoodledingles

How blond can Nintendo be? We've waited 2 years for them to not for see a "server overload" wth?

Oh well, I'm getting the Wii U and I have AC:NL it can wait

Female person



SyFyTy said:

@DavidHolliss probably becauwse mots people knew about it BEfore release of the 3ds, this should not have been on hold for 2 years, just to have underestimated it this late in the game... That's just poor planning.Could I do better? YES, YES i could.



Funky_Gamer said:

I really wish that they wouldn't put a date on it until they're sure that it'll be out on time. Delays are among the biggest disappointments ever.



xAquariusX said:

great... Does this mean we have to wait next mouth for it! I was looking forward to making flipnotes before school started...



123akis said:

THAT SUCKS! i wouldent be shocked if its released on the 29th August, was the Japan version delayed? NO... unless Nintendo America wants to release it later and their stopping europe from releasing it



VoiceOfReason said:

The Japan version was delayed, from July 3rd to July 24th. I expect that North America and Europe's wait will be about 20 days as well.



centauricMoo said:

Well, I have been following the Flipnote 3DS pages for quite awhile now and I am very disappointed in Nintendo. The riddance of Swapnote and the extremely long delay in(western countries) Flipnote is stupid. I traded in my DSi just for a 3DS for Flipnote and some other games, and I wish I could get a refund and get my DSi back for Flipnote. Even though I wouldn't be able to see or post anything, it would still be fun to practice.
Could the pause in Japan possibly mean that we are finally going to get Flipnote in the US and western countries? I hope so. For now I have completely given up on the software being available at all in the west. I hope that the three month and about seven days will be worth the wait.



ChaosPuzzle said:

Posting this on 8th of July, 2014. When? Just, when, Nintendo? We've been waiting nearly a full year now. When will it happen? Please, I don't even want the online crap that's holding it up because of the Japanese overuse. I just want it for drawing. This thing is the only reason I bought a 3DS in the first place...



Sforzando said:

This is my least favorite article. Of all time. I remember the good old days, when I commented above. I was so frustrated, yet so naive. I expected them to actually care about this application they had promised, and even created a Nintendo Direct for! But has been ignored outside of Japan for about a year now.

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