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Let your imagination run wild! Draw layered, three-dimensional animations and add your own background music and sound effects!

With a wide array of Touch Screen drawing tools at your disposal, you can develop your flipnote skills to create first-rate animations. Flipnote Studio 3D allows you to showcase your unique creations in 3D with other Flipnote Studio 3D users over a local wireless connection. You can also save your creations to an SD card in common formats, and then share them on your social media sites.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Striking a nearly perfect note

From its launch in late 2008 until its eventual discontinuation five years later, Flipnote Studio was a smash hit among both the casual and professional creative types. As an application that assisted in creating flip-book style animations on the DSi, the...

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Club Nintendo Members Attempt to Sell Flipnote Studio 3D Codes on eBay

Yeah, good luck with that...

Earlier today Flipnote Studio 3D became available to Club Nintendo members in North America, which is excellent news after numerous delays to the app. Once a code is retrieved lucky fans can finally produce some 3D animations, albeit without all of the sharing bells and whistles available in Japan. Amusingly, however,...

News: ​Flipnote Studio 3D Now Available To North American Club Nintendo Members

​Flipnote Studio 3D Now Available To North American Club Nintendo Members

The wait is over at last

After what seems like an eternity, Nintendo has finally released Flipnote Studio 3D in North America. The title is free to download for all Club Nintendo users right now. The highly anticipated application has finally made it west after months of deliberation. Originally Flipnote Studio 3D was held back in 2013, leaving...

News: Flipnote Studio 3D Has Been Delayed Once Again as Club Nintendo Site Goes Into Maintenance

Flipnote Studio 3D Has Been Delayed Once Again as Club Nintendo Site Goes Into Maintenance

Now due later in February

When Nintendo announced the end of the Club Nintendo Loyalty Rewards Program, many were sad to see it go. Though it was a relic of a time when Nintendo was less up to date in its online services, it still signalled the end of an era. Regardless, most feelings of nostalgia and sadness immediately evaporated when Nintendo...

News: Flipnote Studio 3D Free Download Details Point to a Stripped Back and Offline Experience

Flipnote Studio 3D Free Download Details Point to a Stripped Back and Offline Experience

You can download your own DS creations from Flipnote Hatena, though

Nintendo has recently announced the surprise discontinuation of Club Nintendo in the coming months, with a replacement loyalty programme to take its place later in 2015. While new catalogue items are promised in multiple regions to help us dispose of leftover stars and coins,...

User Comments (79)



takyon98 said:

i wish they could still keep the dsi ver up ;w; i posted so much on there and i made friends there and now its all....gone... //sob



Sforzando said:

Hopefully we can see footage of the app after its Japanese release...so excited to figure out how the app works, so I can get right into animating come August.



Nico07 said:

I'm fine with a fee, you can still use the bulk of the software for free. Think of it as a way to help pay for the servers and maintenance to support the premium features. Nintendo has given users more services and features for free than any other console manufacturer. Microsoft may have the best built network because they have been charging for it for years now, but as a customer you never had a choice to have a free online match.



kyuubikid213 said:


The online thing is free for four hours a day. Sure it's only four hours, but you'll be likely making flipnotes for most of the day and use this time to upload, comment, and look around. I think paying a dollar for all day is a little ridiculous, but having a four hour time slot of free use isn't that bad.



PhilChamp85 said:

Still waiting.... Loading.... Loading.... Loading..... ERROR! Nintendo has not yet released this software.

2 days later. Nope! Still WAITING.



mustardhat said:

flipnote memo/studio/studio 3d has been the most delayed game ive ever seen. i hate this. nintendo said it would come out with the eshop, then they said it would come out after e3, then there was a time of quiet, then they said it would come out spring 2013, then they said it would come out summer 2013, then august 2013, its august 2013 now, and release date is still tba. what the hell nintendo, can you stop getting off track and release this thing before 2030 at least



Sprat2000 said:

Great news! i just heard that in about a week flopnote studio 3d's release date will be announced! this mabye fake im not sure but it's a good way to get the great future animators a start AND (this 1 is 100% true) the flipnotes r over 1 minute!...yes i said OVER 1 MINUTE! way over! and that's it 4 now!



Nintenbro207 said:

Please refer to Nintendo Life's rules the next time you post in a thread or newspost. We do not allow profanity or any other inappropriate words on our site. -LZ



FlipnoteFan3D said:

Here's an idea:
Release Flipnote 3D without any of the galleries (everybody has a YouTube account, and 3D Flibnotes can be saved as AVI's, so don't forget that) and when Nintendo fixes their little crisis, they can re-install the Galleries in an update. Geinus, no?



firegirl said:

ok so I LOVED flipnote studio while it lasted but when I found out that it STOPPED I was all like what da heck?!?!?!? Then I found out that it was coming out on 3DS. BUT how long have we even be waiting?!?!!? MONTHS. 1 year?!?!?!?!? Almost. Am watching Pokémon old version. While back I watched X and Y episodes. Sorry am off track.

Gotta catch 'em all!



firegirl said:

  • there is a 12% chance that it's coming out in December, 18% in January,
    and how it's looking now, 30% Feb. 45% Mar. 65% Apr. 90% May. 90.3 Jun.
    99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999(off track)% 2015.

Gotta catch 'em all!



thePOTTYgamer said:

Guys I heard it was discontinued.
Either the application was or flipnote gallery freinds was. I read somewhere it was because of the same reason swapnotes spotpass was terminated.



thePOTTYgamer said:

@Sprat2000 heh maby another week. Or months. Or years. He. Hehehe! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WAITING HAHAHA WAITING FOREVER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!



takeabowandwave said:

I am tired of waiting... The sole reason I bought a 3DS was for Flipnote Studio 3D. The release has been delayed for four months now, and we've been waiting for about 6 months for this to come out. Flipnote Hatena could have been held out longer. I would at least like to know what is going on. A nice "Yeah, we're working on it, it will come out soon" or something along the lines would be great. Not knowing anything about this sucks... I am still waiting for the day when the official release date will be revealed!:I



DemonnPrincess said:

@prototype it was for a reason. There is too much traffic on the servers and if it everyone had it and it crashes then NO ONE would be able to use it. It cannot be helped.



BryEpic said:

I emailed Nintendo, They got back and said that isn't Official release date,
I sent another and they said it might or might not be out 2014. So they delay for months and then keep new info a secret, pulled the same bs with pkm bank



epicdude12302 said:

@takeabowandwave Exactly what I was thinking when I bought a 3ds! I think it's worth it even without Flipnote Studio 3D now but I'm still disappointed! They should have waited to discontinue Flipnote Hatena until this came out!



Jc_King said:

This is total bullcrap. The release date was tba for a freaking YEAR! Get your lazy smelly dog crap together nintendo! Your better than this!



atariman said:

In other news, It's cancelled!


Honestly I enjoyed Hatena very much, and I am looking forward to this one so I can continue my Lego flipnote series. I made a lot of them, nearly 100 episodes. I really hope this doesn't get cancelled, however!!!

They removed the Flipnote friends gallery! NOOOO!
Well, good luck Nintendo!



atariman said:

One more thing, don't pressure nintendo. You don't wanna rush them to where it ends up being crappy do you?



Sforzando said:





Sforzando said:

@atariman Doctors have patients.

And we have had *patience for almost a year. Over a year, if you're counting from when Hatena shut down.

Believe me...the fans are justified to start taking action.



redsorren said:

I bought a 3DS with all of my money. Over 100 dollars just for hatena. I wanted to make an account on my 13th birthday for 2 years. It has now passed half a year ago. My L and R buttons don't work at all anymore and I recall when I bought the 3ds over a year ago I loved how it worked. I Suffered from severe depression actual. And over a year later they haven't released it. Sorry about the negativity I'm just really depressed right now.😞



Sforzando said:

Flipnote Hatena is not back.
Sudomemo is cool, but doesn't make up for Nintendo's failure to deliver.
Especially since, you know, Nintendo had nothing to do with Sudomemo.



StormerSoro said:

I don't think anything has ever been more delayed than Flipnote Studio, and I have never been more disappointed.



ShadowFang said:

Really? They expect $400( originally) for a $30 piece of plastic. Sure over time its grown closer to its real worth, but I got mine for $300. But after robbing us for this cheap valued piece of crap system, which dont get me wrong, I enjoyed for a while, they want us to pay even more for the daily use of a program that theyve basically discontinued because of the fact that they cant understand that its the internet. Nintendo America will never have online ingame communities like how Hatena used to be because they cant accept that stuff happens. Irresponsible parents and children exist. They will use or allow use of it and some will do bad things or have bad things done to them. So yea, I bought this system for two reasons:
1) The Legend of Zelda OoT 3D remake (which was very much so enjoyable)
2) Flipnote 3D

Well F3D was a blow out from the start, since they already decided to shutdown Hatena for the very same reason swapnote spotpass was later removed. If you live in the Nintendo America Region, dont worry. Unless they get themselves together and understand that its the internet, we will Never have Flipnote 3D. As far as im concerned, if it ever does come out, Nintendo has already forfeited the money people might have paid for it by making it over 2 years behind schedule. And you know its ready, its been ready since before japan got it. How much do you think needs to be put into changing the language for a simple flipbook app? If you honestly believe that it isnt "ready", youre sadly confused.
I would love to see this come out, but ive lost all faith in it. Since May 31st, Nintendo has gone to crap. Its only shining light was the Link between Worlds game. And thats was a huge shock since nothing goods been coming out since LoZ OoT 3D. And that was just a remade game, literally. But im done here, i could go on forever.
Nintendo has failed us. Its time to accept that. Good Bye all, and good luck to any who may still have hope.



Kyloctopus said:

@ShadowFang The price of the 3DS was nowhere near $400 or $300 so of course you got robbed to begind with
But seriously if you bought a system mostly for flipnote software, then you probably should reconsider your priorities. At the point of typing this, Super Smash Bros. just came out. THAT is something to set priorities on.
To say there's been nothing between the 2.5 year gap of Ocarina of Time 3D and A Link Between Worlds is the biggest joke I've heard in a while. There was Super Mario 3D Land, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Mario Kart 7, Fire Emblem Awakening, Pokemon X and Y, several Etrian Odyssey games, Paper Mario Sticker Star, Kid Icarus Uprising, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Ace Attorney Dual Destinies, Resident Evil Revelations and it continues to get new games as it now has Bravely Default, Kirby Triple Deluxe, 2 new Professor Layton games, one of which is an Ace Attorney crossover and the amazing Super Smash Bros. released last Friday.
If North American 3DS owners go without this application, its only a small loss in my perception, because I firmly believe as it stands, the 3DS is the best system to buy right now.



Tobo9279 said:

The "New Nintendo 3DS" releases on 21st November in Australia.
Japanese New 3DSs have Flipnote 3D preinstalled.
What's going to happen to us with our new 3DSs?



IpwnedU123 said:

Search on Google for Flipnote.Studio.3D.JPN.3DS-BigBlueBox.

If you have a 3DS with firmware 4.1-4.5 and a Gateway or MT Card, then you can finally get Flipnote Studio 3D outside of Japan!

(I am guessing that this is not against the Community Rules because I am not providing any links)



Tobo9279 said:

There is a chance that we can play Flipnote Studio 3D soon.
Nintendo mentioned that they would maybe remove the region lock for Wii U
and 3DS. If that's the case, we can finally get Flipnote Studio 3D outside of Japan! I'm excited!



TWOS said:

Well,I can say either Nintendo has dropped it or are messing with us...My prediction is that we might get it as a Christmas Gift



pek727 said:

Got this around 6 am today. Club Nintendo has less people on in the morning.



KirbyGuy748 said:

It's finally out, everyone! The Orange Frog Trilogy has finally ended! 😄 I just hope that they eventually add it to the eshop and bring back Flipnote Gallery World. But besides that, I'm satisfied! Enjoy!



BPGamer said:

I have it. Its free, and Club Nintendo is almost over(you all know that) so hustle up! Time is almost up.



Sforzando said:

@Rixor13 if you have a PC (not Mac) connected to the same network as your n3DS, you can access the SD card files wirelessly, no unscrewing necessary.

If you made a Flipnote good enough that you want to share it, grabbing a screwdriver is not that much of a bother anyway.



Rixor13 said:

@Sforzando well the main problem here is nintendo promosing us the online and we never got it. sharing it on outside locations isn't the same because you can't download them to your 3ds and keep them and watch them without interned. or edit them if they aren't copy locked. that's the reason why i had so much damn fun with flipnote for the dsi. this just feels demoted in way more ways than one.



Sforzando said:

Not gonna lie there. "Castrated" is the term I use, heh. But all those things are still possible if you're determined to make the best of a bad situation. The flipnotes' .kwz files can be shared online, and you can export movies too. It's still a pretty good animation software for being a 3DS app.



RedBlaze101 said:

HEY WASS UP PEEPS I HAS i want peoples codes so i can watch there flipnotes and give them stars, if there is even stars lol



Tobo9279 said:

Coming to Europe in March 2016. But only if Nintendo doesn't delay it the 900th time.

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