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Australia Can Get 30% Off The Wonderful 101 By Downloading Pikmin 3 From The eShop

Posted by Andy Green

The European offer makes it Down Under

Pikmin 3 is now available in Europe and Australia either from retail outlets or the Wii U eShop and plenty of people have been out exploring the vast environments found in the game.

As you may know, Nintendo of Europe is running a promotion that allows people to receive 30% off The Wonderful 101 if they download Pikmin 3 from the eShop. Well, Nintendo of Australia has now confirmed the deal also applies Down Under.

So should Australians and New Zealanders download Pikmin 3 from the eShop they'll be eligible to pick up The Wonderful 101 from the virtual store for a discounted price up until 21st September.

Has this promotion influenced you into downloading Pikmin 3 instead of grabbing a boxed copy? Let us know by leaving a comment.


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User Comments (22)



MAB said:

Well we have always been part of the Europe side of the market after all



Ichiban said:

Already got my boxed copy, i prefer it that way. Ill be getting the boxed copy of W101 as well, not big on digital copies myself.



deusy said:

Retail for me. And I always assumed this deal applied to us too.



Placlu said:

Yea.... $80 for a retail game on the eshop, that I can get for $40... what a deal....
boxed for me thanks.



bennbill said:

I bought on the eshop. With my son being 2 and a half, and very interested in game boxes, I just can't shake the fact that he could scratch some disc's someday. Plus the network premium and the 101 deal makes up for the 80 bucks. Also I game on PC and am way too used to Steam. I can't remember the last retail box PC game I bought...
I also own NSMBU on eshop, and a fair few download only titles. Looks like I will need to invest in a HD pretty soon, with wonderful 101 being 10 gig.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I can get the disc copy cheaper from any major online store and we don't even know what the eShop price of W101 will be. It could be another £54.99. Also I don't want to use my system memory for any game except eShop exclusives, VC games, or Mario Kart.



Marshi said:

Anyone know if the Game store download code for pikmin 3 qualifies for the 30% discount for w101 when its released?



FineLerv said:

Yesssssssss!!!! Was going to download both anyways but this had made it even better! So happy about this news!



FineLerv said:

@bennbill My sister was just telling me last night about her son completely ruining some of her old Wii discs that he had gotten a hold of. Two terabyte hard drives are so cheap now and you'll never fill it up.



Savino said:

Considering the fact that we got the first wiiu batch and the console still not made an year plus the fact that the games are tied to the console, and not the account, I only get retail! I couldnt care less about the online shop, except for vc wiiuware, that I have no choice!



GN004Nadleeh said:

funny how Nintendo wants you to buy digital games but fails to remind everyone that the wii u has no memory, any of these games REQUIRE an external hdd. Nintendo must get paid every time a hdd is synced and locked to a wii u console. I like my wii u but hate apple and Nintendo right now thinks because their console has a tablet mean we only deserve no memory for storage. and yes I have the black wii u and its still not enough



Exile20 said:

@GN004Nadleeh Dude a 2 TB drive is like what? $50? it keeps down the price. Plus you think you wouldn't have to by one for the PS4 or Xbone? Their 500 GB is still not going to be enough especially with their streaming feature and movie service.



DerpSandwich said:

Grah! I want this promotion! I'll even have just enough left over after getting $10 back for adding $100 in funds to my account. Grabbing both games would have been perfect, but I guess now I'd rather wait until Wonderful 101's price goes down.



GN004Nadleeh said:

@Exile20 i have a 1.5 tb hdd and that cost me $200, I have a brand new usb 3.0 1tb hdd for $100. they both work with my xbox 360 and my ps3 without having to be locked down to one console. Nintendo advertised 8gb and only gave 3gb without telling anyone not enough room for any dlc or a decent game.



sinalefa said:


The Nintendo website, under the Wii U part, has a section titled External USB Storage for Wii U where they specifically mention how they recommend you to get an external HD, There is an extensive FAQ to guide people of any technical skill level and even a list of compatible Hard Drives there.

And Sony and Microsoft also made cheaper SKUs for their PS360s that had pitiful hard drives, and none of them put in big letters "you won't be able to download any retail game here, sorry, you have to buy a Hard Drive"



TCJester said:

Do the games load faster on HDD then the wiiu drive? I'm thinking of the lengthy load times on Lego City. Would that have loaded quicker from a HDD?



dadajo said:

I'll just sit here. In the USA. With no deals. (Cries himself to sleep)



timp29 said:

Sadly Australia's stupid ISP and their draconian download quotas means downloading these games has the added expense of using 20-50% of your monthly download limit. Essentially adding another 10-20 dollars to the price.

I'll get picmin 3 in store.



Realgamer4life said:

@GN004Nadleeh They stated on day 1 to buy an HDD. As a matter of fact I got mine for cheap at comp usa. Also Any HDD has a portion that's not usable so it's the same. Also for all those complaining about the system being linked. If your system goes out Nintendo will honor your purchases and you get free downloads for the games you bought. This was confirmed a while ago.



GiftedGimp said:

I've got a couple of Australian freinds on my WiiU freinds list and know that in general you Australians tend to get screwed over a bit on eStore game availability and Pricing (more so than us in UK anyway).
You never know with the 30% discount maybe Wonderfull101 will cost the same as it does for is in the UK on eStore. (Probably without the discount applied to the game in the UK tho)

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