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Mon 28th Jan 2013

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bennbill commented on Australia Can Get 30% Off The Wonderful 101 By...:

I bought on the eshop. With my son being 2 and a half, and very interested in game boxes, I just can't shake the fact that he could scratch some disc's someday. Plus the network premium and the 101 deal makes up for the 80 bucks. Also I game on PC and am way too used to Steam. I can't remember the last retail box PC game I bought...
I also own NSMBU on eshop, and a fair few download only titles. Looks like I will need to invest in a HD pretty soon, with wonderful 101 being 10 gig.



bennbill commented on Review: Zen Pinball 2 (Wii U eShop):

Zen Pinball 2 is a great game. The eshop integration is not good obviously. It makes you wonder what the extra month spent "making sure this kind of free trial + paid dlc" was for. But I love the game. It's unfair to compare the dlc process to New Super Mario Bros. 2. Nintendo controls both the shop and the game in that case. Maybe nintendo didn't want to setup a direct link to the eshop in this case. And given all you have to do it hit the Home menu whilst in game, press eshop and it takes you directly to the zen pinball eshop page, nintendo probably didn't see the need for a direct link.
My guess would be that nintendo has no way of linking the eshop from inside games yet. Maybe that will come in a system update and then zen can patch it in.
The amount of ppl on the miiverse about having to pay to play tables really need to chill out. Your paying about the equivalent of a couple of games of real pinball for infinite access with off TV play and leader-boards. And zen's tables are very well thought out too!
Great Game!