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An Epic Mega Man Art Book is Coming to North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It only has 432 pages...

As we all know by now, Capcom has been sanctioning various celebratory products for Mega Man's 25th Anniversary. It may have been saving the best non-game product for late in the day, however, as Udon Entertainment has given more details on the brand new official series art book — MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works.

A standard edition will arrive in North America in September for $60, though the Amazon listing already has it available at a pre-order price of $42.31, at the time of writing. It'll come in at 432 pages and be packed with artwork and content covering both the classic Mega Man and Mega Man X franchises, with the official blurb promising never-before seen goodies and interviews with those behind the famous mascot.

MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works is an in-depth chronicle of the amazing art created across 25 years of games in the Mega Man series by the good folks at Capcom! Featuring over 400 pages of official game art, concept designs and sketches, rare pin-ups, and all-new tribute art, this is a stunning art book collection that every fan of the Blue Bomber will want on their shelves. UDON Entertainment has faithfully translated the entire book into English, including production notes, creator comments, and three all-new exclusive interviews with the creators from across the history of the series!

Not only that, but Udon Entertainment will be selling a gorgeous-looking limited edition hardcover versions on a first-come first-serve basis at Comic-Con (San Diego) between July 17th - 21st for $100. Any left over will then be sold on Udon's site and at PAX Prime in August; check out Udon Entertainment's site for details of the Comic-Con appearance.

You can see some images above and below, and we're sure you'll agree that this looks almost irresistible for Blue Bomber fans.


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Einherjar said:

I fear that there is no cheap way to get it in europe without paying horrendous shipping costs...



DreamyViridi said:

Heh; one of the beta Robot Masters for Mega Man 9 was Weather Man. For some reason, I find that funny. XD

This looks fantastic but I can't see me getting it sadly...



SilentHunter382 said:

I want this book but I want the hardback version but too bad I can only afford the paperback version.



Karakato said:

I definitely want this in my collection, hopefully the book also contains works from the past Complete works. But darn, I never payed more than $20 for a book before, even if it is an art book. Guess I'll have to wait awhile before I can get my hands on this one.



sinalefa said:

Hyrule Historia was half the price for the hardcover. But i know i want this.



Warruz said:

So much want

I only recently started grabbing art books for franchises i like, only currently have the oddworld art book (which is amazing). I will most definitely grabbing this.

But i like the others want the hardback



dizzy_boy said:

The Street Fighter comics that Udon created were awesome, so it's always nice to see they still have a good working relationship with Capcom.



Hunter-D said:

Phillip just exploded...

EDIT: Can you use strikeout/strike-through/strike in the comments section?



Philip_J_Reed said:

He really did. I can't wait for this...the X Complete Works has been out of print for a while, and goes for an arm and a leg now. This is going to be great to have!



hYdeks said:

aww man! I'm no where near San Diego! >< They better not sell all of them, cause I want one. (Special Hardcover one, fyi)



Capt_N said:

Unfortunately, I'll be seeing these on eBay, & Amazon for ridiculous prices. Wish I was goin' to SD Comic-Con this year.

Maybe I'll pre-order from Amazon. I know by Christmas these will be awful expensive!



MarioFan1985 said:

Too bad that I already have 2 of the Megaman art books already. But, they don't have the artwork from Megaman 9, Megaman 10 and Project X Zone though.

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