Kokuga, the 3DS shmup from Ikaruga creator Hiroshi Iuchi, has now been officially confirmed as an eShop release in the West. It's not unexpected, with classifications in Australia and Germany suggesting that localisation of the Japanese title was already well underway.

Publisher G.rev Ltd has now launched an English site for the title, confirming a release window of June / July for both the Americas and PAL regions. It also provides various details on the game, including the one-shot-on-the-screen mechanic, battle cards and the inclusion of local and Download Play co-op multiplayer. Another interesting feature is that you can determine how long you play each time you boot it up, with the option to choose a single stage and a main boss, or a lengthier session of several stages followed by a boss.

You can check out the official website for more details, and the Japanese trailer is below. Is this one that you're keen to pick up when it blasts its way onto the eShop?

[via kokuga.net, twitter.com]