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Interview: Renegade Kid Praises Wii U as a "Gaming Console Through and Through"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Players will understand "the brilliance of what Nintendo has created"

Mutant Mudds Deluxe is now lined up to hit North America on 13th June for $9.99 — the European version is being "wrapped up", though there's no release date yet — and will include all of the content from the 3DS original along with 20 new Ghost Levels. For fans of the handheld version, it's a tempting opportunity to enjoy the title on the big screen with a HD resolution, making those "12-bit" pixels even more eye-catching.

Renegade Kid has been a big supporter of Nintendo handhelds, and this will be its first venture onto the Wii U, which makes the studio one member of a key group of regular developers that are appearing on the company's consoles. In an interview to be published later today, we spoke to co-founder Jools Watsham about the upcoming arrival of Mutant Mudds Deluxe, as well as some wider issues around the Wii U and Nintendo's eShop platforms.

Watsham has been an outspoken supporter of Nintendo's latest system, though not without taking a balanced view; he had a blog posted on industry website Gamasutra reflecting on Wii U design and messaging issues, giving his two cents on why the system had struggled for early momentum. He is primarily a fan, however, re-affirming to us that the studio has future plans for the console — he's hinted at the use of the studio's 2D platformer engine and says the team is looking into the use of the Unity engine for 3D games.

When we asked Jools for a summary of his views on the Wii U's concept and capabilities for carrying it through the next generation, he made very clear that it's in gaming experiences and related potential, and not multimedia add-ons, where the system shines.

What I love about Wii U is the fact that it knows what it is. It is a gaming console through and through. In-conjunction with the great controls and HD display that the Wii U offers, the Miiverse is a world-wide mega-forum for gamers to talk about games. Once you start tapping into what the Wii U has to offer as a player, you really start to understand the brilliance of what Nintendo has created. The Wii U knows what it is, and it does what it does very well. Nintendo's challenge is to communicate Wii U's message loud and clear to the general public. The Wii U message is tougher to communicate than the Wii's motion controls, but the Wii U has so much more to offer everyone.

With E3 around the corner, Nintendo arguably has that chance to truly start getting that message out to the gaming public. Let us know what you think of these comments below, and be sure to check back on Nintendo Life later today for the full interview.

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shingi_70 said:

If its a game console through and through and gets less games than a glorified cable box then does it really does what it does well.



Haywired said:

I've seen this sort of statement a few times now. I'm not really sure if we can do the whole "Wii U is a pure games machine unlike the other wannabe multimedia entertainment hubs". It's pretty clear that the Wii U has multimedia aspirations of its own, given its focus on using Netflix, TVii, YouTube, Web browser, Wii Chat, Google Streetview, etc. with the Gamepad. It seems to be just as focused on being a multimedia device as any of the others as far as I can see. As always, there seems to be a bit of selective vision going on.



Rief said:

Sure, the WiiU has some Multimedia, but not as much as PS4 or XBox One, and that is a good thing. I don't need a console to watch TV or go on Facebook. I think, the U has just the right amount of Multimedia a console should have.



ScorpionMG said:

ikr, i've been trying to show my wii u to every single person ik, and every single one of them were amazed at what the console can do.
Even made my best friend 'hardcore codfan' to order a wii u!! hehe



real_gamer said:

This E3 Nintendo need to release the big guns! I mean the mega smasher gun! Time to show what the Wii U can do because I do enjoy it.




I'm glad more and more developers are seeing that it takes a while to see the Wii U's charm like your not gonna fall in love with it day one but after a while you really start to get it and see like they said the "brillance" behind it. I wish other developers would just actually take time with the thing instead of just saying it's "crap".



taffy said:

Speaking only about the Xboxone, it's not the ultimate media centre that people are talking about cause you still need to plug in your cable box into it... much like people have to plug the Tivo into WiiU. And all that jazz about using Kinect to browse through menus isn't something new, the Samsung Smart TV's already do it:



banacheck said:

All i know is Sony is going to be showing off more than 40 games at E3, games for a gaming console...



element187 said:

Are they updating the visuals to fit with an HD console, or are they going to leave it as 8 bit sprites?



Ryno said:

@Sony_70: How many games does Xbox VCR I mean Xbox One have currently available again?
@banacheck: That's nice, how many games are going to be shown off by Nintendo around E3? How many of those "40" from Sony are multiplatform?



Lostog said:

ok, why renegade kid news pop up SO OFTEN in this site
can i not care about what some random developer says or thinks? if i really would like to know i would follow his twitter or something. i don't see why "renegade kid" is even a tag.
that said, no hate, just wondering: i don't think any other developer gets this much attention on this site, that's all



Lostog said:

@Ryno: well, i didn't know of this partnership: when was this announced?
also, to my eyes it doesn't seem advantageous to neither party. how is "slowly make your name more and more annoying" beneficial to him? how is "periodically write the same uninteresting article about what renegade kid thinks" beneficial to NL? ok, i'm exaggerating, and this is very subjective; i'm just suggesting that some things good on paper might be counterproductive.
for instance, i bought mutant mudds and wasn't that impressed, but it's not like i hated it. seeing the developer pop up so often just decreases the chance i'll ever buy something made by him ever again. if the articles were interesting this wouldn't be the case; these though are just like saying "i'm ignoring the fact you considered a game of his just average. he's important. look what he has to say." and then, nothing interesting.
again, no hate: just giving feedback, as this could be something going trough others mind, and could translate in... i don't know.
also, if someone liked a game of his, but is annoyed by is articles... well i don't see that as beneficial either.
i just don't see what good this does to anyone: at best someone likes what he has to say, but again: you can just follow him on some social site for that!
end of rant



Ryno said:

@Lostog: it was more of a joke then anything. Anyway, I made a similar comment to yours in the actual interview comment section.



TheAdrock said:

Just offer fun (original) games and the market will find you. NES didn't rule the world because of ROB or slick marketing. Make games, baby, games.



JaxonH said:

Irrelevant. Quality over quantity is the theme of any Nintendo console (as far as 1st party titles anyways) What good are a ton of games if they're all garbage? I'll take one great game over a thousand mediocre games any day of the week. It's not games that matter, it's GOOD games that matter- really good, well polished, fun and addictive games. Not to mention, the system's been out only 6 months, whattayu expect?! A full PS3 library in just a few months?

I'd say the Wii U library is gonna be looking pretty darn good by the end of the console's first year. And the best thing about it, as we all know, is almost EVERY SINGLE GAME made by Nintendo is a grand slam, at the very least a home run. Which is the number one reason we're all fans of Nintendo in the first place. They make the best games in the world... not even Patcher disputes that.



Captain_Gonru said:

There is a difference, though, between "capable of", and "focused on". If the control pad screen did next to nothing in games, but was ideal for watching Venture Bros. on Netflix, I'd agree with you. But given what the pad brings to Lego City or ZombiU, I find it hard to fault Nintendo when there awesome controller, and console, is also capable of bringing me some common internet apps.



sr388survivor said:

The thing with Sony's 40 games is that they're PS3, PS4 and PSVita which means some of those games are the same game for each systems. Also, I think the whole "Wii U has no games" thing is more of a thing people just say now because truthfully I've been playing it since launch and I am still enjoying it. And I don't own Monster Hunter. lol.



Haywired said:

Yeah, certainly the primary focus of the Gamepad is on games, that goes without saying, but both the next Xbox and PlayStation controllers have been revealed now and to me they look an awful lot like video game controllers made primarily for video games, so again I'm not sure what the big difference is.

Nintendo has put a certain amount of effort into creating/aquiring the Wii U's multimedia functionality, they've featured it at their E3 conference, featured it in their advertising, talked about it a lot in interviews. It's clearly something they're focused on with the WIi U.



P-Gamer-C said:

Y all these coments from b rate devs about how good the wii u is and powerful like how some other devs lied and said the wii u gpu is several generations when its basically a 4770 i wonder is nintendo doing what soft likes to do [buy devs]

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