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Project CARS Dev Making Sure Wii U Doesn't Get A "Crappy" Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

That's nice of them

Project CARS is an ambitious cross-platform racer which is coming to a wide range of systems, including the Wii U. Developer Slightly Mad Games has been speaking about the Nintendo edition of the game, and continues to say nice things about the hardware.

Slightly Mad's Andy Tudor had this to say to RevoGamers:

RG: Regarding the Wii U version, how are you going to use the Gamepad? Will it have Off-TV? Will it use the gyro sensor? Will you be able to use the touch screen to change the camera angles?

AT: As soon as the Wii U was announced we were like `Oh my god, this looks amazing! We need to work on this´. There are loads of ways to use the Gamepad: As the rear-view mirror, or the parameters screen or for storing all HUD elements, or using the gyro to control the car...

There are lots of opportunities with the Wii U Gamepad, and we want to use it as much as we can because it´s so cool! There´s also Miiverse, which lets people post screen and post their thoughts on a game... The Wii U is full of opportunities.

With the PC version being considered the "lead" platform, you have to wonder just how close the Wii U build will be. Thankfully, RevoGamers popped the question so we don't have to wonder any longer:

RG: What features of the MADNESS engine will be cut down for the Wii U version in comparison to the PC build?

AT: Well, you´ll need to talk to our code team about that (laughs). But I can tell you that we´re making all the versions at the same time, so it´s not like we´re making the PC version and then we port it to consoles afterwards.

But obviously, each console has its strengths and weaknesses, so the code team will have to make compromises and work out what suits each platform´s strengths better. The PC version, on the other hand, is going to be amazing! It will have the best resolution and the best graphics, obviously.

What we´re going to make sure is that the Wii U version is not the worst one, it won´t be a crappy version. We want people to get the game and say `Holy s***, that looks amazing!´

It's not all good news, however. The expected release date for the game was early 2014, but it would appear that the date has slipped to "Q2 2014". Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to see how amazing this title looks.


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Thanks for the interview info. I've been interested in this game since it was 1st announced for Wii U. Shame it won't be coming Q4 2013 as I was expecting. Still, main thing is we don't get a "crappy" version, so if time is needed, cool.



Shiryu said:

Looking forward to this. It's a nice complement to "Need For Speed"'s different arcade style antics.



Peach64 said:

Didn't they recently get investigated by the financial services for suspicious activity? I thought the game was on hold. Hmm.



MAB said:

It will sell by the boatloads if they change the title to New Super Mario Kar Bruddas Ultimate



FiveDigitLP said:

That's a really fascinating article...and it's certainly good that the FSA is looking into things to make sure no one gets screwed, but overall I feel that too often the government gets involved when it's really not necessary. Based on this specific scenario, it looks like it would cause more harm than good if it shut down the project...especially considering the backers wouldn't be able to get their money back, and then they'd be stuck without a complete game as well.

Also, just wanted to point out that Ian Bell actually responded there in the comments about a third of the way down. I really like what he had to say, especially since he mentioned they now have a full refund policy.



Haxonberik said:

Not a big fan of realistic racing sims, but I'll guess I can give it a try if reviews come off really good.



Mewtwo21 said:

Well i do wanna say `Holy s***, that looks amazing!´ when i see it, so hopefully it lives up to what they say it will be



ThumperUK said:

'Slightly Mad Games' (great name!) should look to Criterion and their wonderful version of Need for Speed U for pointers as to how a WiiU version should be. If they can get near to Criterion's WiiU version then they'll be onto a winner!



Lin1876 said:

Great! Now if only Nintendo had given the GamePad analogue triggers then the Wii U version would actually be worth playing.

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