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Nintendo Direct Luigi Special Announced For Japan

Posted by Orla Madden

Continuing the Year of Luigi celebrations

Nintendo of Japan has revealed via its Twitter account that it will be holding its own Nintendo Direct presentation, alongside the European and North American broadcasts.

The Japanese presentation — titled Nintendo Direct Luigi Special 2 — will take place at 10 AM Eastern Time / 7 AM Pacific Time / 3PM UK time. The 3DS won't be the only console taking centre stage, as the Wii U will also get a mention — particularly focusing on its update scheduled for this month. That update is apparently on the way next week, by the way.

What are your thoughts on this news? Stick with us as we'll be providing coverage throughout on each broadcast.


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DarkCoolEdge said:

So the japanese one will be about the update and NSMB U's luigi dlc.

I hope they anounce new games in the european or at least the confirmation of the arrival of Japan only titles (or Atlus games).



MasterWario said:

SURPRISE! Luigi is a playable character in Pikmin 3!

That's not going to happen, but a special Luigi broadcast means most likely no Pikmin...darn. I predict it will have some info on Super Luigi U. I would like to hear about that some more.



Sparkticle said:

Everyone here...I said it before and I'll say it again.
We will see NO major updates on the Wii U UNTIL E3. It's a new console, why would they reveal all their games now and spoil E3 for everyone? They have to make it shocking, they were announcing titles simultaneously with the PS4 announcement, they will probably announce a couple of titles with the Xbox reveal. But most titles are going towards E3. That's the way it should be and it's the way it always was with Nintendo.



Geonjaha said:

I'm thinking Luigi's Mansion 2 is already out. Therefore this whole presentation will be limited to bland DLC and no great new games - just to try and push another mascot that isn't Mario.



sillygostly said:

Suddenly I've had a feeling that they're going to announce Luigi Kart for Wii U or some kind of Luigi-fied version of a loved franchise (Luigi Party? Super Luigi Galaxy?).



rjejr said:

@dudey300 @Sparkticle - nobody is looking for a Nintendo Direct for NEW WiiU game announcements, what we are all waiting for are release dates for Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Wii Fit U and Wario.

Do you expect these games to just show up on the shelf some day without Nintendo announcing release dates first? Pikmin 3 is a big title, it took up about 15 minutes of last years E3, and it was supposed to be in the never-ending release window. If there isn't an announcement soon Nintendo will not be able to make their new Q2 release date.



rjejr said:

On topic - This will cover the WiiU as I feel like they'll announce the Luigi levels date for NSMBU on the WiiU. This wasn't announced as a 3DS Direct like the EU/US Directs were.



rjejr said:

If anybody is interested, skimmed thru it - I don't understand japanese - mostly the same.

New and noteworthy -
Luigi 3DS launched around the same time as Dream Team
Luigi levels are due out in June
a 2 1/2D platformer sidescoller (think Subspace Emmisarry remade in LBP)
Level 5 game (like Ni No Kuni)
Pokemon Scramble U w/ IC cards? April 24
Pikmin 3 July 13
Zelda: ALTTP 2014 (I think the 2014 was new)

I'm sure NL will be telling us all we need to know shortly.

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