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Just when we were starting to wonder, "when's the next Nintendo Direct going to drop?", Nintendo has spread the word that a new 3DS Direct is coming this week on Wednesday 17th April.

It's confirmed that the broadcasts in Europe and North America will run at simultaneous times, and press releases from the regional teams don't go into specifics on who's presenting; perhaps we have a Satoru Iwata-hosted bonanza on the way. There are a good number of upcoming releases that are awaiting firm release dates — such as Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario Golf: World Tour — but we're also hoping for some surprises.

So, when's this happening? It's at 3pm UK time, and for those of you in North America that's 7am Pacific Time / 10am Eastern.

As always, we'll provide extensive live coverage and content on all of the broadcast's outcomes here on Nintendo Life, so be sure to come back for the show. Until then, let's speculate wildly on our 3DS hopes and dreams below; maybe one of two of them will turn out to be true.