Today seems to be LEGO day, with the fresh screens of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes now being followed up by the announcement of a new title coming to both 3DS and DS, LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey; it's also on the way to the PlayStation Vita.

The 3DS release is set for the Summer, with the DS version pegged for Autumn, and rather like LEGO City Undercover is based on a LEGO IP as opposed to a film or comic-book license. LEGO launched its Chima range earlier this year, and it looks to be a fantasy setting with a broad variety of animal characters, items and environments; this is perhaps one for keen LEGO collectors, as a result.

Aside from some screenshots (check them out on our game page) information is scarce, but we'll certainly let you know when TT Games lifts the lid on more details. Are you a fan of the Chima LEGO line, and are you interested in this latest game?